How To Find The Perfect Tuxedo For Your Body Type

After popping the question, after giving the ring, and after receiving that sweet “yes” from the love of your life, the next set of things that you need to take care of are the wedding preparations. Unlike your would-be bride who is fussing day in and day out about her wedding gown, you have not probably thought much about what you are going to wear on your special day. After all, you must be thinking that all eyes are going to be on your bride anyway. Most experts in men’s fashion are going to tell you however, that you need to look equally as fantastic as your bride for your wedding day.

There are probably a thousand different things to think about when it comes to wedding preparations so it is crucial for you to find the best outfit to wear as early as possible. Comfort is of utmost importance when you are looking for a suit to wear on your wedding day. While there are a number of different suits available in boutiques and stores, you need to make sure that your outfit fits you perfectly.allure-slate-blue-zoom

Tips to help you find the right tuxedo for your body type:

1.) For the thin and slender men.

On your wedding day you would want to look fit and buff. Your tailor or your favorite Stroudsburg tuxedo rental will most likely recommend that you wear a double-breasted jacket. The shoulders on your jacket must be a little bit more padded than usual. The waist should also be taken in a little bit more as long as you still feel comfortable. When suits are made like this, it will make thinner men look more muscular and it will provide a great vertical line to make them look taller as well.

2.) For the tall and muscular men.

There are many popular Stroudsburg tuxedo rental companies that recommend that huskier men wear a shawl-collar tuxedo. With a smoother and thinner collar, you will feel a lot more comfortable and look a lot leaner. Make sure that the jacket provides you with enough length so that when your hands are relaxed at your side, your fingertips reach all the way to the bottom. A single-breasted jacket with just one button would be the perfect choice for you.

3.) For the short and stocky men.

1209S_SKINNY-ZoomThe shawl collar that is smooth and thin would also look great on you. Make sure that you ask your favorite Stroudsburg tuxedo rental company to give you a single-breasted jacket with a single button. The button should be placed around the beltline to give you an illusion of a longer and leaner torso. You can do away with padded shoulders because you would not want to look bulkier. If you have a wide neck, you should avoid wing-tip collars and very small ties. Make sure that everything in your tuxedo is well proportioned with your body.

The most important thing to consider on your wedding day is that you look good and feel good about yourself. Do not rush through the entire fitting process because you should feel 100% comfortable in your suit. Remember that a lot of photographs of you will be taken on this day so your suit should make you look like the dashing, elegant groom that you are.

This article was provided by the website, a local tuxedo rental shop that will help you look your best on your wedding day.

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  • Jared

    cool article!!

  • Nova Joy

    the best place to find nice tuxedo for grooms you bet, they have nice rentable suits too..of course the groom has to look more handsome for his bride during their big day.

  • joysflair

    to look best in wedding day is a must! great tips and idea to rent rather than to buy yet look fab 🙂

  • Tuxedos are so elegant. It is just the right outfit for men to wear on their special day. Good thing there are rentals available as it can cost an arm and a leg.

  • Flo Renze

    i so admire a man looking at his best in tuxedo, and these are just one perfect outfit especially on wedding day. Yeah! The bride would definitely fall inlove a thousand times to her gorgeous groom. 🙂

  • wow, very helpful tips, hubby hates to wear this, haha, i guess, engineers just hate dressing up. however, he is forced to dress up like this when attending weddings, that’s why he only accepts invitations when they are really close family or very special friends that he could go out of his way to wear a tuxedo 🙂 next time, i can help him to choose with the tips here.

  • chubskulit

    My husband is a jean and shirt type of guy but this definitely are great tips.

  • Lisa L.

    My husband wear this kind of outfit only when we are in the US and attend church and preach. Otherwise, his usual outfit is blue jeans and lose shirt.

  • Shengkay Apuhin

    When i look to those guy wearing tuxedos so “mayaman” hahaha…regal and elegant. thanks for the tips but i dont think I am gonna need this in the near future. hahaha.

  • Ria C

    We don’t attend formals as often as other people do. However, it is great to know these tips for my husband to note of. He’s the party-goer type. 🙂

    Ria C

  • Jessica Cassidy

    Those models are really hot hot hot. They look so handsome in their tuxedos. Hubby only has one tuxedo. I will keep these pointers in mind when he plans to buy a new set of tuxedo.


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