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What I’ve been hearing and seeing the past three days are all bad news, with almost anyone expressing their disappointment and exasperation over the government’s relief efforts for the Yolanda typhoon victims. I admit I am not a PNoy fan, but I am willing to set aside my dislike for the president, until conditions improve at least. I think in tragedies like this, we have to channel our energy to more worthwhile things–such as volunteering, donating, and sharing useful information. So, I decided to post pictures which I got from various sources to show people that help is reaching the victims. The response may not be as swift as other countries, but you can’t say that the victims are being neglected.

Below are proof (more pictures to come) that relief efforts by the government, NGOs, and private organizations are ongoing:

GoodNews8 GoodNews7

November 15, 2013. TOP: Baby boy Israel is born in the Israeli Defense Forces field hospital in Bogo City, Cebu, named after the country that helped her mother give birth. Photo from the Twitter account of IDF Spokesman for International Media Peter Lerner; BOTTOM: screenshot from

GoodNews9November 15, 2013. International aid reaches Tacloban City. Screenshot from

GoodNews1November 14, 2013. Screenshot from Disaster’s Emergency Committee/World Vision Flickr; location unspecified.


November 14, 2013. Military forces reach Pan de Azucar island in Concepcion, Iloilo for relief operations on Thursday a week after Yolanda struck the region. “Our efforts are not just in Eastern Visayas,” tweeted AFP via


November 13, 2013. Screenshot from Philippine Red Cross, Ormoc operations


November 11, 2013. President Benigno S. Aquino III leads relief operations in Roxas City. Photo from


November. 9, 2013. Typhoon victims in Tacloban, a city on the eastern island of Leyte, line up for relief goods from DSWD in the aftermath of Super Typhoon Haiyan. Photo by Noel Celis via



November 6, 2013. Days ahead of Yolanda, Salagan Child Care Project (SCCP) and Compassion International – Philippines (CIPH) distributed relief to Balangkayan Eastern Samar. Photos by Bryan Azura via

Spread the good vibes, my fellow Pinoy! If you have more photos to share, just leave the link in the comments section and I will do the rest. In the meantime, let’s be more productive than reactive by devoting our time in helping. For more information on how to donate, go to this link. 🙂

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  • levy

    I am glad that the Philippine Red Cross which is headed by Dick Gordon is there to do their work as fast as they can. In times like this, I can’t help but wish that Gordon should have been the Philippine President, I am sure he knows exactly what to do.

  • Relief goods for them…good news at that…from other countries.

  • Nova Joy

    It is relieving to see that after 1 week the aid has finally given, sad still cause why does it take that long for those victims to wait? however at least finally the aid arrives…with a big help from other countries too.

  • Dhemz Apdian – Dias

    it feels great seeing some of these people smile despite of everything happened…I just wish everybody will receive food and water.

  • Ria C

    I like it how we should all post positivity amidst the adversity. We’re already drenched in the negative stuff. We should just pool our efforts together, silence the hatred and the bashing for once and just do it. Thanks for posting these photos that show the indomitable spirit of the Filipino people. God bless them. God bless us all. God bless those who offered their monetary and aid to provide their efforts and services to all the Yolanda victims. Hopefully too, the media and government will not focus on one location. There are more out there unreached by aid in any form.

  • Anne Mary

    Government admitted the delays but now they are trying their best to distribute the foods. I hope the help will continue until the place recover. My prayers and sympathy to all the survivors in Tacloban and the nearby provinces.

    Anne’s Musings

  • papaleng

    I keep my lips closed to what I read from my friends’ posts. Enough of those rants, and go help those in need by donating something. Yes , the gov’t may be too slow (as some sees) but they are doing their best naman. and that counts in the end.

  • candyzmakeuptreasures

    Thanks for bringing that up. Yes, we should do something
    good to help instead of bashing.

  • I’m so happy to see that a lot of groups have reached the Visayas people already. I hope that there’ll be a lot more help coming for them 🙂

  • kaka16

    These are proofs that everybody did their part for the Yolanda victims.

  • Rcel

    So touching the scenes! It is always nice to give than to receive. The souls see in photos will surely be happy for that they got.

  • Hainrihi Rhine

    It’s nice to see these good news despite the tragedy. It just means there is still hope and Filipinos will be able to recover, even if it will take time.

  • This should be the picture that’s circulating in the world and not the negativism by people who keeps on complaining. Nobody wants these to happen so people should just stop blaming others and just help.

  • lencilicious

    For the past week, the news coming from different part of the world is really heartbreaking. But after seeing pictures like these, I can smile again.

    Scoop and Snap

  • Channel Imperial

    I am overwhelmed and happy with the help we received from the international community.

  • Algene

    I feel happy upon seeing the photos above. All those show the spirit of loving, giving and caring especially in times of hardship. Kudos to everyone who never forget their responsibility to share 🙂


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