Essential Accessories for the Fashionable Man

Staying current with today’s top trends is important to many men, and wearing the right clothes can certainly help keep you up-to-date with what the chicest men around are doing. What many men forget, however, is that accessories are just as important as clothing when it comes to looking stylish. Everything from the right belt to the right men’s eyeglasses can set you apart from all of the other men that are content with looking boring all the time. Here are some of the basic accessories that every fashion-conscious man should have in his closet.607825_lg

Trendy Glasses

Even if your eyes are perfectly fine and you don’t need vision correction, a sleek pair of glasses can be a great way to add interest to a basic outfit. Some of the most popular eyeglasses today are chunky and extra nerdy. These thick-rimmed, plastic frames are relatively low cost, so you can feel good purchasing a pair of glasses that you may not even need. The best thing about glasses is that they are easy to switch out and try some new styles. Don’t be afraid of going bold with your glasses, since you can stick with a neutral clothing choice and still look great.


Nothing dresses up an outfit like a nice tie, and having a little bit of extra variety can give you a huge range of color choices so that you can get extra creative. Wearing the same ties over and over can get pretty boring, and people may just start noticing – especially if you are prone to spills at meal time. Try branching out and trying some fun and interesting patterns and prints on your ties. Not only can you look dressed up with the right ties, but you can even look trendy by picking today’s hottest styles of cuts and colors.A10185221_lg


This accessory is not just fashionable, but it is practical as well. Having a nice pair of sunglasses can not only keep you looking cool, but they can help to protect your eyes from sun damage, which is no fun for anyone. There are plenty of sources for low-cost sunglasses, so don’t feel like you have to spend a lot to look good. While spending a little more will get you some higher-quality sunglasses, you can have a greater variety by picking up one or two different styles of cheap frames.

A Watch

Investing in a high-quality, good looking watch is a great way to complete your wardrobe. While you may not use a watch to actually check on the time much anymore, thanks to smart phones, a nice watch looks really good with both a suit and a casual outfit.


Many men are content with owning a pair of work shoes and a pair of casual shoes, but you don’t have to stick with just a pair or two. Try looking for some interesting new shoes that will draw attention to your personal sense of style. If you usually only wear casual shoes, why not pick a dressier pair just to switch things up a bit. Don’t be afraid of thinking outside of the box to create some interesting outfit combinations.

Article Written by Jen Blair of The Sprightly Shopper. Follow her on Twitter @sprightlyshop.

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  • Yeshua Quijano

    I’m a man…but not a trendy man. And I’m waaaay past the trendy glasses – I consistently lose one every 3-6 months. I do have a cheap, generic reading glasses and it’s been my best buddy for almost a year now. 😀

    BTW, I love your website too!

    • Haha I feel you. My boyfriend uses only one thick-rimmed glasses with glues in it. I kept insisting that he buys a new one, but he refuses. Lol he loves his glasses.

  • You know what we want in life and I’m sure you’re an experienced woman about what a man wants.

    • Haha I’d like to think so, although men are so complicated! Lol

  • Imdeb

    Well I love to wear sunglasses,for both style and to protect my eyes as well.

    • I agree! Sunglasses are for protection as well. 🙂

  • Mommy Belle

    My man can not live without his glasses.

    • Does he like to read? If so, I can understand why. 🙂

  • algene may cutamora

    Men should really invest on shoes, just like women! Hahaha But seriously, I love men who care about their footwears 🙂 It’s a sign that they know how to take care of themselves.

  • we see sunglasses not as fashion accessory but really a must in outdoors to protect our eyes from the sun, however, I must add, that eyeglasses and sunglasses creates a lot of difference in the look. when hubby buys his sunglasses,though he really is more about features that would protect him not only from the sun but also from the wind ( he gets super itchy eyes with blowing wind ) but he also carefully checks that his choice would not make him look awful 🙂 since some sunglasses do make us look like from another planet 🙂

    • Haha I totally agree with your last statement. When choosing the best pair of glasses, face shape should always be considered. 🙂

  • Most men are not very particular about their accessories like my husband but I notice he gives extra thought to his eyewear.

  • Yes, I truly believed that a man should give extra thought of his fashion sense like an eyewear too.

  • Nova Joy

    very well said here, i’m sure there are other men who don’t care the way they wear their eyeglasses or sunwear but i believe that when we compliment them, surely they will feel great too.

  • very nice! those are the things i think of when thinking of something to give for the boys! boys can be so fashionable as well

  • princess pierre

    My husband use prescription lenses but he ensures he’s got trendy signature specs too. All of the things you mentioned in fact are basic for most men as they can be vain and fashion conscious too.

  • candyzmakeuptreasures

    Men have fewer accessories but they surely had to be
    expensive. ^_^ Thanks for sharing some tips.

  • I’d love trendy glasses for the hubby and oh I love to see him wearing ties! ?

  • My boys would choose either the watch or shoes! 🙂

  • papaleng

    Watch and shoes is what I need, Glasses, it is my long wish to wear Fashion glasses. Eh hanggang corrective lenses lang ako.

  • BelleJeunesse

    this is the essential list! boys don’t understand they make such a difference to their look 🙂

  • well said daphne! i agree to what have you said that guys nowadays should step out the box and try something new..its called “one look man” good suggestions!

  • Most of my sunglasses are the sporty variety though I like to use the casual ones from time to time.


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