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I’ve been really stressed with school and work lately. So when the opportunity to travel presented itself last week, I grabbed it and packed my bags without much thought. I missed home, so much that I didn’t mind spending the weekend only there (usually when I visit, I clear my schedule for a week). Despite the short amount of time I spent in Naga, I was happy. Coincidentally it was my little sister Denice‘s birthday too and I never wanted to miss it for the world.


I think we’re the closest in the family. When we were kids people actually thought we’re twins. But of course, like any other siblings, we’ve had our own share of squabbles–but that only made us closer. Until today we still borrow each other’s clothes, laugh at silly things, gossip, and spoil each other. I always thought of her as a fragile being, so I didn’t like seeing her hurt or sick–I still don’t, but I’m confident she can now handle every obstacle thrown her way. I can’t believe she’s grown to be a tough–and very stylish–young lady who is great at what she does. She also likes cameras so when I’m home she takes my pictures for my blog. πŸ˜‰


We took these photos at the iconic Basilica Pavilion located within Basilica Minore, home of the famous Our Lady of Penafrancia–Bicol region’s patroness. I’ve taken so many pictures for this blog but I only have very few from my hometown so this time I made sure I was able to take some before the Sunday mass began.


Hence the people at the background. πŸ˜›


Before we got there though, my sister was laughing at me because I looked too formal for church. Lol I’ve always been the most maarte in the family so they’re kinda used to me being so dressed up all the time. I was actually going to wear heels but I didn’t want to be teased again so I opted to wear my chic pointed flats instead just to balance things out.


Didn’t wear much jewelry too because the collar already has gold sequins. Adding more accessories is overkill. And I’m not big fan of jewelry too, except for these gold earrings my dear grandma gave me for my college graduation years ago. πŸ™‚


EZRA dress | Mendrez flats | MANGO quilted shoulder bag


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  • A good black and stylish dress but quite revealing at the church. The front view’s okay, elegant-looking.

  • Channel Imperial

    This reminds me of Chanel’s little black dress! Chic and classic!

  • Nova Joy

    I love your dress, simple yet too daring at the back..something i could wear ordinarily…

  • Mhie Lee

    So elegant and beautiful I like your purse.


  • Pinx L.

    Love your Sunday attire! It actually doesn’t look maarte… well knowing us Pinoys who go to church in jeans and shirts, so going to church in a dress is labeled maarte already.. hehehe… anyway, love your purse as well! you look elegant!

  • chubskulit

    You look drop dead gorgeous on that little black dress, love it@!


  • you are really so beautiful, love the smile, the confidence, the pose, and the beauty within the words. you modeled that dress so very well.

  • Samantha Jane

    i love that dress! you’re really pretty!

  • algene may cutamora

    I love the details in your color! Nice πŸ™‚ Ladies can never go wrong with black talga!

  • Che

    You don’t need to wear anything extravagant. Your simple beauty carries you. Your dress is just apt for the occasion, which is the Holy Mass.

  • Just want to drop a message – Yer’ so beautiful πŸ™‚

  • You look so elegant in black and you are really well dressed for a Sunday.

  • You’re so pretty in this outfit Daphne!!. That little black dress is so elegant and can be worn from day to night. πŸ™‚

  • Kenneth Manaloto

    That Pretty Little Black Dress never fails any lady and I like that collar with embedded studs or bling but you should have used different sling bag without metallic chains it’s confusing the collar design – just an advice.

  • Jerwin Palapuz

    The model and the clothes are pretty cool. That clothes really shows the curves. Very conservative yet so alluring.

  • We have always been told to use our Sunday Best dress in going to church. That black dress suits you and favoring flats was a good idea.

  • Kathy Lacuna

    Love the black dress. It looks so elegant in its simplicity. And it suits you so well too! πŸ™‚

  • Rochkirstin Santos

    I have a black top that resembles the collar area of your dress. Too bad we can’t wear black when attending birthday parties.

  • leirs

    i love the black dress so simple and yet it fits you perfectly!

  • I like it when you smile, you looks so pretty! I think LBD is a must for every woman πŸ™‚ Love it on you.

  • Aldous Calubad

    I hope the mass goers were not distracted as you look fantastic in that black dress.

  • ellie

    lovely outfit! gorgeous ka talaga as always. joined your giveaway btw. keep in touch!

  • Attending Sunday mass is very important to Catholics, and your black dress suits the occasion.

  • Jonas Ignatius Labagala

    Simple yet elegant! You’re right, your dress already has gold sequins and adding accessories is unnecessary. πŸ˜€

  • Shirgie Scf

    Seriously? Is this how somebody stressed looks like? You’re simply pretty. You look like Kristine Reyes in the last picture and on third from the last picture.

  • Yamito Uytingco Calamba

    You know what they say, a little black dress can always work wonders. πŸ™‚

  • myfurryplace

    Love your dress and the purse ! plus the person wearing you have contagious smile !


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