Dr. Lydia Venzon Celebrates Her 84th Birthday!

If you’re a nursing student in the Philippines and you do not know Dr. Lydia Venzon, I pity you. No, really. It’s like a must that you know her because she is just one of the founding members of the largest nursing associations in the country. Plus, her three books (which I helped edit, btw. Ehehe.) are most probably your textbooks at school. Are these familiar? (They may look a little bit different because the new editions just got released.)

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  • kakagutom naman itey! πŸ™‚

  • sylvia bactol sarmiento

    happy birthday mommy lyds. wishing you good health. you are a great
    professor, chief nurse at qmgh, a great mentor. and a friend. thanks for
    all your help. if not for you i wont be where i am now.. you will be always in my heart, sylvia bactol sarmiento bsn,rn,bc
    los angeles, california


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