Forever 21 heels, SOHO Central skater dress from Zeros and Fives (buy here)

Forever 21  necklace

Cocco hat

I watched The Avengers with friends twice this week. I wasn’t crazy with the picture the first time I saw the movie–sometimes 3D pictures can ruin a film. So last night, I and my friends decided to watch it (again), in 2D this time. And I was glad we did because I got to revisit some scenes that seemed confusing to me. May I just say the Hulk and Iron Man were totally hilarious in the film? I’ve been a fan of Tony Stark since I watched the first Iron Man movie. He’s extremely funny, and the role suits Robert Downey Jr. well.

I didn’t wear this outfit last night though. It’s so hot in Manila right now and there’s no way you could wear something like this.


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Photos by Antonio Aguila and Unica Policarpio

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  • i really like this simple deep red dress with your hairstyle. i’m going to see avengers tonight! taking your tip for 2D. thank you for following daphne! 🙂 i followed back on bloglovin <3

    pandaphilia style

    • daphne

      Glad to help! Haha. Seriously though, the movie looked way better in 2D! And thanks for following, Angie.. really appreciate it <3

  • This is such a beautiful, stylish, chic outfit! That deep red dress is so lovely and I love how you paired gray shoes with it, instead of black ones. (And your hat is so adorable looking!)

    • daphne

      Thank you, Katie! I’m glad you like it <3


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