Incantatus Festival, Zambales

Two weeks ago, my friends and I went to Incantadia, Zambales in Talisayen Cove to have a one-of-a-kind summer experience. We’ve all been really busy with work and life preventing us from seeing each other, so this trip came at the right time. Also, social media has become unbearably toxic lately so an island getaway sounded like such a good idea. And boy, it was.

It’s my first beach fest ever so I couldn’t wait for the day to arrive. Incantatus is not just a music festival–it also offers poi lessons, yoga sessions, and a cleanup activity. We’ve all seen how much trash such events produce and it’s really nice that the organizers thought of incorporating a cleanup activity during the two-day event. I only wish everyone participated. But… baby steps.

Incantatus was attended by mostly foreigners from all over the world. Some of the people I got to interact with came from Poland, Denmark, the UK, Spain, France, Nigeria, and Japan. I’ve always been curious about other nationalities, so it was a perfect opportunity to learn more about their culture.

Waiting for our bus to Zambales. We were supposed to leave at 7am but we left at around 8am.

I guess the only “negative” thing I can say is that the organizers weren’t too “organized”. There were certain things they failed to tell us before the event, such as the lack of network signal (as in nada) and boats to take us back to the mainland. No one knew exactly how many and what time the boats were gonna arrive–everyone wanted to go home and none from the staff approached us nor managed the crowd. Apart from that, it was an awesome weekend with friends. Definitely one for the books.

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Jack & Oliver

My post title sounds like a liquor name but it’s not haha. I mentioned before that I will include British culture in some of my posts, so here’s one that’s totally British (as if it isn’t too obvious).

Also commonly known as the Union Flag, the Union Jack is United Kingdom’s flag. Before it only represents the union of England (red cross, aka St. George’s cross) and Scotland (a saltire, aka St. Andrew’s cross); until recently (well, not really, but a few decades ago), music artists started using the Union Jack flag as part of their costume. One notable instance is Geri Halliwell’s uber popular Union Jack dress.

These are my favorite pair of suede brogues. Brogues originated from Scotland and Ireland. During the early 20th century, brogues were only used for outdoor walking, as they were not considered suitable for formal occasions then. That of course changed, and now you can see many people wearing them on both casual and business functions.

This hat actually isn’t mine. I borrowed it from my boyfriend, and I would often tell him this reminds me so much of Oliver Twist, which was written by English author Charles Dickens. Charles Dickens’s A Tale of Two Cities was one of the first novels I read when I was in elementary (although I didn’t quite understand it at the time), including Lewis Carroll’s Through the Looking-Glass. Methinks, however, that they were the reasons I fell in love with English literature.

For more information on the tidbits presented in this post, you can always check Wiki. Let’s make reading a habit. Ciao~ 🙂

Union Jack shirt from Ode to Her| Shorts from Clothes for the Goddess| Forever 21 suede brogues| Goorin Bros. commie hat| Liz Claiborne watch

Photos by Chad

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Ode to the 40s

One dilemma of a girl who does not have too many clothes (like me) is how to make much out of what she has. Fortunately, clothing items nowadays are quite versatile, which allow people to create multiple styles.

When I buy stuff, I would always think of at least two ways on how I can wear it. If it’s not possible, then it’s not worth the buck.

Upon seeing this striped sheer top in a bazaar three weeks ago, I immediately thought of a preppy, geek chick look.

When I was a kid, I was really fond of watching the Saved by the Bell series, and that was the first time I got  introduced to nerds and geeks. I particularly liked Mr. Screech. I’ve always thought since then that the nerds’ fashion sense are not all that bad. In this look, I recreated Mr. Screech by buttoning my top all the way to the collar and attached a floral bow from Quirkyfinds (thank you!). Collars and bowties are surefire ways to make one look instantly nerdy, but cute. Then I secured the top using a pink floral belt from Genevieve Gozum because I didn’t want the top hanging loosely on my waist.

 Look 1: Ms. Smarty-pants in spring

 Look 2: Ms. Laidback Chick

The nerd look, however, does not fit well when the weather’s too hot (for obvious reasons), or you’re going to a picnic or window shopping with friends. For these occasions, you might want to ditch the bow tie. Unbutton your top all the way to your ribs, then tie both ends. Wear a fun accessory to replace the bow tie, like this Eiffel tower necklace from Ling Dacudao.

For some reason, this kind of look reminds me of the 40s (hence the title of this post), when women used to wear striped maillots or tied sleeveless tops, such as I what did above, and frolic around the neighborhood in ther lovers’ bikes. Okay, I think I watched too many war era movies. Haha.

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Pre-Fall 2012

Just posting my top pre-fall 2012 picks. Yep, fresh off the runway.


Reminiscent of the 60s and 70s, Chloé’s PF2012 look consisted of flowy proportions, oversized coats, and pleats. Clare Waight Keller,  Chloé’s creative director, calls her second collection “a mishmash.”


Lest I forget, the boots are part of the collection. Those knee-high boots are certainly to-die-for, except that we can’t wear that here in the tropics. Givenchy’s PF2012 collection is inspired of the 50s and 70s, highlighted by the jackets (which had to be the strongest looks of this collection).

Alexander Wang

Alexander Wang utilized trompe l’oeil technique in this pre-fall collection. Houndstooth patterns and glen plaids became burnout sweaters and intarsia knit dresses [source]. Wang is usually known for his street style designs, but this collection focused more on menswear-turned-chic. Key pieces were jackets, pants, and vests that remind us ladies of the office. Who says corporate attire can’t look chic? Ask Alexander Wang.


P.S. Click photos to enlarge.

P.P.S. I missed doing this. 🙂 You could pretty much guess what pieces I’m drooling over at the moment–yep, jackets 😛 Tailored jackets as fine as the ones shown above are quite hard to find, unless you’re a rich kid. And I’m not. So I guess I have to make ipon before I get my hands on those precious jackets. Oh well, I can dream. 🙂

Highlights of My 2011

This year, I have been very blessed. I started updating my blog with more fashion-and-personal-style-related posts which led me to wonderful things. It is indeed gratifying when you get to experience the things you’ve been aspiring and worked hard for. Below is a collection of where I have been and what I was able to accomplish during the past year. I would like to thank everyone who believed in me and in my blog. No words can explain how grateful I am. 🙂

Workshop with director Laurice Guillen, with Ina Feleo, Gaby dela Mareced, Miles Ocampo, etc.

I was seen on Meg magazine's February issue. For an ordinary blogger like me, it's a huuuuuuuge thing.

I won a saffiano leather Prada wallet from

Did my first and second giveaway

My first fashion event invite

I found love 🙂

My second fashion event invite

Invited to Philippine Fashion Week

Covered for Hyundai

Nivea chose me as their Nivea girl.

*Click the photos to view related blog posts

Aside from these things I consider achievements, the new friends I made and the places I went to with Chad made my year complete. I cannot wait to see what 2012 has in store for me. I’ll probably start making my new year’s resolution list now so that I’ll have another set of goals to (try to) attain.

To my readers, I will always  be thankful! Happy new year! 🙂


My addiction to everything Leighton Meester has translated into my pictures and styling lately. The first instance I saw her on TV, that is the House, MD episode where she played a blonde teenage girl obsessed with Dr. House, she reminded me of my all-time girl crush Alicia Silverstone. Since then, I have discreetly followed Leighton’s career. ‘Til she became the very popular Blair Waldorf in the series Gossip Girl. I must say, her brunette locks suit her better.

I’m so loving these beauty shots of her for Marie Claire that I used them as peg for my shoot with Sam Lim at Hinge Inquirer Publications’ studio a couple of weeks ago.

So, below is our version.

My hair looks pretty long now, but I didn’t realize I’d still be needing extensions to exactly imitate Leighton’s hair. /FAIL. Nonetheless, I love how the make up complements my outfit.

It’s amazing how two opposite fabrics can make an edgy yet fun statement. The feminine touch given by lace tones down the boldness exuded by snakeskin print.

I’m posting the colored version of the photos above for you to see what the dress actually looks like. 🙂

You can buy this dress at House of Cocco‘s boutiques in SM and Trinoma. Aside from their faux fur collection, they have also released pieces in varied animal prints. Just perfect for the chilly weather, don’t you think?

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Photo by Sam Lim

Make up by Wilma Esturco

Hot or Cold

DISCLAIMER: This post has no malicious intent and is published solely for the purpose of showing my work and of the the artists involved in the photo shoot. Comments, whether they are compliments or violent reactions, are very welcome.

Sam Lim and I have known each other since July. He shot two layouts for me around that time (see here and here). He is a very professional photographer who works for Hinge Inquirer Publications, and is so easy to get along with. So when he messaged me to style for an Esquire-inspired shoot, I immediately agreed despite being inexperienced when it comes to styling, especially for sexy shoots.

The peg was Solenn Heussaff’s photos in the said magazine, which I also talked about here.

Below is our version:

In coming up with this look, I used a nude, button-down cardigan from Forever 21 since I do not have an oversized sweater like Solenn’s. I will probably have to include that in my things-to-buy list.

Then, I made her wear a pair of shorts to make it less sexy. I guess the decolletage has already made that point. I also accessorized the model with a fabre necklace from Antler, pearl earrings, rings, and bangles.

Doesn’t she resemble Kelly Misa? 😀 Elaine Silva did an awesome job with the make up.

Photos by Sam Lim

Modeling by Princess Angeles

Styling by Daphne Benosa

Hair and make up by Elaine Silva

Cold War

Christmas is near and it’s getting a little chilly during late nights and early mornings. These are hurray moments for us people who love to don layers. Shout with me, guys– HURRAY! 😀 HAHA.

I’m feeling a little giddy today. If you have been following my blog, you’ll know that this day is very special. Today marks my first year of being a blogger. Well, I have been on Tumblr and Blogspot months before this domain was created, but those first two platforms only served as absorbers of my boredom. Last year, Helen, an ex-officemate of mine, introduced me to the great Jehzeel Laurente, a very popular web developer who is also one of the country’s most successful bloggers. My Tumblr and Blogspot contained lots of topics, and I wanted another venue where I can showcase purely personal style, lifestyle, and events. Helen and Jehzeel became the instruments, and I couldn’t be more thankful to these two.

 Beanie from Caty | Cardigan from Forever 21 | Top and shorts, thrifted | Necklace from Antler | Rings from Zeros and Fives | Booties from Forever 21 | Baby pink socks from Artwork

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And now, the announcement everyone is waiting for–the giveaway winners!

Through, I was able to generate three numbers respectively: 496, 64, and 559. There were  a total of  646 items.


 GRAND PRIZE goes to no. 496~ Gellie Balbuena
Prize A goes to no. 64~ Jeemah Villaverde 
Prize B goes to no. 559~ Joanne Frances Perez

I would like to thank all the sponsors, namely TsoknatAsianvogue ShopAntlerThe Closet goddess, and Decadence Theater [DecaThea]! Without their generosity, this awesome giveaway will not be possible. Also, I am very grateful to those who participated and shared this special day.

Thanks to my housemate, Dodododon, for taking the photos! 😀

Save Tonight (or Tomorrow?)

I’m doing a quick post before leaving for my Symetrique appointment later. Ah, facial session after a tiring week is indeed the best way to relax!

Feather earrings from St. Francis Square | Gold flower ring from Zeros and Fives | Bow shoulder bag from Tsoknat

Dress from The Closet Goddess

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I’m in Love with a Skater Boy

It’s been a while since I last posted an outfit entry on this blog. Oh how I missed it. I must confess, however, that I kind of struggled putting together this look. My only inspiration was my boyfriend who loves to wear beanies and the rest was just spontaneous. He gave me his brown beanie (yeah, the one I’m wearing in my Facebook profile picture), but we lost it when we went to Zambales for the Big Z surf competition, which I talked about here.

 Beanie from TriNoma | Tank top from PgUp | Rayon knit long skirt from Forever 21 

This is a pretty simple look, I know. But long hiatuses really take a toll on my creativity (if you can call that creative).

Peacock feather necklace from St. Francis Square | Accessories from thrift shops | Floral belt from Genevieve Gozum | Printed bag from Caty

Winged heart | Oriental |Serpent | Bell | Fish ring all from thrift shops

(Worn out HAHA) Platform heels from Tiffany

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Thanks to Don for taking my photos, again. Hee~

In other news, finally I was able to try Red Mango’s froyo! And I must say it’s very yummy and affordable. It tastes better though when mixed with fruits (especially blueberry plus the syrup). NOM NOM NOM.


Goodies for the Mind x The 32nd Manila International Book Fair

One of the perks of working in a publishing company is you get to attend book fairs. Yay! I’ve always loved books since grade school (thanks to my father) to the point that I plan to build a library in my own house someday. Don’t you just love the smell and feel of book leaves–some are worn out due to over-browsing, while some are crisp and clean. And there’s nothing more beautiful than organized shelves. Oh I sound so geeky.

Anyhoo, yesterday I went to The 32nd Manila International Book Fair held at the SMX, Mall of Asia in Pasay. All the country’s publishing companies participated and you can just imagine my excitement at the sight of on-sale books and magazines! The following are the stuff I got and bought. Just sharing:

I got Discovery Channel Magazine, Newsweek, and Reader’s Digest for free yo! And yes, that is The Scarlet Letter by Nathaniel Hawthorne. I have this affinity to classics so I figured it was high time to buy and catch up on my lit. And hey, I’m studying Anglo-American Literature so it’s pretty much justifiable. I don’t mind being nerdy at all though. 😛

One of the publishing companies I went straight to during the fair is dun dun dun — SUMMIT! There’s gotta be Preview magazines on sale. And lo and behold, meron! 😀 Right then and there, I grabbed three recent issues I missed buying at a very, very low price! *wide grin*~~

 Nope, that is not a book or book case (if there is such a thing :P). Sorry, I couldn’t resist this adorable floral pouch/purse from EGG (Exciting Gifts + Goodies) when I passed by their store at the main mall. I think I’m gonna go back, they have the cutest design. Some are quite pricey but we’ll see. I’ll let you guys know. 🙂

Well that’s it for tonight. Happy fiesta to Naga! Viva la Virgen!