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You can download the application here:

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Last Days of Summer

Rain has started pouring since last week, and I still haven’t even given you guys my take on color blocking and wearing tangerine. Bold colors aren’t really my thing, but for trend’s sake I dared. Did I pull them off? You be the judge.

Here is the first look:

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Tangerine dress sponsored by Cocco; accessories sponsored by Quirky Finds

You can find Cocco stores in five key places in Metro Manila: SM North EDSA, TriNoma (Landmark), Cybermall at Eastwood City, Robinson’s Metroeast, and Robinson’s Place in Manila. It’s an store where you can find all your shopping needs–dresses, shoes, accessories, even lingerie.

Cocco items also pair adorably with Quirky Finds items. Quirky Finds is an online shop who sells girly and quirky customized accessories, hence the name. So if you are a sucker for bows and ribbons, buy at Quirky Finds.

I used to love anything orange-y when I was a teen. But I fell so in love with the sun while I was growing, so my complexion became darker and I could never pull off anything bright and bold. Thankfully though, my skin lightened up, I had less fear wearing this garment.

Photo taken by RC Lizan

Make up done by his ever-lovely fiancée Cecilia Flores

Photos taken at Toadwerks Studios, located at Tomas Morato Ave. Corner Sct. Dr. Lazcano Street, Brgy. Sacred Heart, 1103 Quezon City, Philippines

According to Toadwerks Studios:

Toadwerks Studios is a collection of different photographers that’s headed by RC Lizan. Aside from our photography services, the owner has always wanted to give back to the community of photographers which helped him improve his skills. He’s opening the doors of his studio to all newcomers and other people who are in need of a studio! Yes, our studio is for rent! 😀

Studio Rental Rates:
Weekdays: Php550/hr
If you get a minimum of three (3) hours, rate will be Php500/hr.

Weekends: Php600/hr
If you get a minimum of three (3) hours, rate will be Php550/hr.

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Tough Chic

I had a really difficult weekend. My right foot was swollen due to a punctured wound caused by–wait for it–a barbecue stick. It was hilarious at the same time, my sister and friends could not stop laughing at my fate. Imagine yourself walking on a busy street in Quezon City with a barbecue stick spiked in your foot. Promise, I really wasn’t aware I’m wounded already until I looked down. Nevertheless, I remained calm and headed straight to work. I didn’t wanna freak out my co-passengers, s0 I hid my wound. There was already a gush of blood by the way (err, sorry to gross you out. Ehe. ).

To make the long story short, I received a couple of injections on my arms. I was really scared, I have fear of injections kasi. Good thing Ms. Lovelle was there to help me through it. 🙂 I had a swollen foot the whole weekend, but it didn’t stop me from shooting for this blog. 🙂

Don’t you just love parks? When I was a kid I never got to visit zoos and parks like this.

I am crazy about this dress from House of Cocco. I like how it complements to the carefreeness of the atmosphere. Ah, it’s always good doing shoots outdoor. Pardon me for the heavy eyes, guys. 😛

Denim + soft tulle dress from House of Cocco| Nude heels from Mario D’Boro| Bangles from Landmark

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Photography by RC Lizan. Like his photography and studio page on Facebook!

Hair and make up by Rowena Cruz. Add her make-up page and online shop, The Closet Goddess, on Facebook!

Visit House of Cocco‘s website to know where you can find their shops! Find them on Facebook: Cocco Cocco Cocco



Cocco Maxi + Florals

I’ve always been conscious of my height. Who wouldn’t when you always have to use a chair to reach anything beyond five inches in height? Hurhur :3 For that, I seldom dare wearing dresses and skirts that are below the knees. It’s a big no-no for short (ehem) cute girls like me. Hohoho. I don’t have slim legs either, which make matters worse. I envy those short girls who can pull off maxi dresses without looking like an elf.

Last week, however, I thought, heck, why not try donning one first? Fortunately, House of Cocco has this really sweet maxi floral dress. Exactly what I had in mind!

I must say I was pretty surprised when the photos came out. I don’t look short! Yay! I dunno if it’s because of the length or the wedges. Either way, I’m happy of the result.

Uhh, too happy actually. I remember my friend calling me Gummybears because my gums show when I smile too much. ‘Funny friend he is.

This awesome dress is sponsored by House of Cocco. (YES! I HAVE A SPONSOR NOW. YIPEE!) They have really pretty dresses, I often turn to Cocco when I have events to attend to. You can see photos here and here. Cocco, as I call it, offers lots of items–from dresses, accessories, shoes, to lingerie. It’s like a one-stop shop. Now isn’t that great? Visit their site to know where you can find their stores.

Ah, summer is almost over. 🙁

Photography by RC Lizan. Like his photography and studio page on Facebook!

Hair and make up by Rowena Cruz. Add her make-up page and online shop, The Closet Goddess, on Facebook!

Styling by yours truly :0]

Shot at Ninoy Aquino Parks and Wildlife Center, Diliman, QC

Maxi floral dress from House of Cocco| Bangles from Seasons| Wedges from The Ramp (thank you, Nez! <3)

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The Blogger Gets Prada

Last week, AVA, an online shopping site that sells designer brands at a discounted price, e-mailed me. To my complete surprise, I won their promo. I was in so much shock that my officemate literally saw me stunned and frozen on my seat. Then suddenly we started screeching like kids. HAHA. It didn’t really sink in until later in the afternoon. I mean, this is the very first time I have won something without really making means to get it. Now, I’m very thankful to my long list of contacts in my e-mail addresses, if not for you guys, I may have not won this:

Yes, I won the Prada wallet because of registering and inviting my friends to sign up to! Lucky me, I know. Haha. This wallet is made of Prada’s famous saffiano leather. According to my research, this gold one can cost up to $500, which is roughly Php 20, 000. Never in my whole life could I afford something as expensive as this one. You couldn’t even convince me to buy a Php 5000 pair of shoes!

I usually despise Mondays because I’m a lazy bee like that, but today was a Monday like no other. When Ria Aquino of AVA told me that I could get my prize today, I said yes without hesitation. Afterall, who am I to make Prada wait? Hurhur :3

When I arrived at Bulb Studios where the AVA team was conducting the photo shoot for their lookbook, I couldn’t believe the people I saw:

Litol Me with Philippine’s most sought-after model Ana Sideco

I’ve been following Ana Sideco’s blog since last year. She is a member of PMAP (Professional Models Association of the Philippines) and a model in New York. Gaaah she’s so tall! And she’s very nice as well. She recently launched her own shopping site, duHub Shop.


If you are a Candy girl like me, then you know Margaux Romero! She’s Candy magazine‘s associate editor and stylist. I’ve been dreaming to meet her since I started collecting Candy in college. I was told, however, that she’s not part of Candy anymore. That’s okay, she is still great. 🙂

Enough fan-girling. While they were shooting for the lookbook, I roamed around the studio and marveled at the dresses. Wish they were all mine! Haha. I can’t post behind-the-scenes photos yet though.

I was really aiming for the plastic bag. 😛


Here’s what the inside looks like:

AUTHENTICITY CARD: Knock-offs don’t have this. 🙂

Ah, I’ll definitely never forget this day. Thank you, AVA!

Do not forget to shop at AVA and duHub, guys! Like and follow AVA on Facebook and Twitter, too. 🙂

Michael Cinco for America’s Next Top Model

Another feat for the Philippines! In episode 8 of America’s Next Top Model Cycle 16, a Filipino designer was featured. Michael Cinco, who is currently based in Dubai, was a guest designer for ANTM last week. The models used his creations for the photo shoot:

Alexandria Everett

Alexandria received the first call out and precedently won the episode challenge. I’m beginning to like her, though I’m not sure if her nicey-nicey attitude is  a facade or not. But at least she’s keeping her promise to Tyra.

Hannah Jones

Hannah poses really good, high-fashion style. I’m in love with he dress. Yay to Michael Cinco!

Molly O'Connell

Molly is developing a nasty attitude lately and sad to say that it’s affecting her performance, especially in between photo shoots and challenges. However, when she’s in front of the camera, she always delivers. ‘Love the corset!

So those are my top 3 picks for the episode. Unfortunately, the sweetest girl of the bunch got eliminated, Jaclyn Poole, because she sometimes have trouble controlling her face especially her mouth.

Kudos to her for getting the best photo in episode 7 though!

Jaclyn Poole

***All photos from America’s Next Top Model Flickr

Wear Red, Wear Hope

More than a month ago, tragedy struck Japan. Millions of properties and thousands of lives were lost, and a multitude of people went and are still missing.

I feel guilty for being quiet about it. Frankly, I was really at loss for words regarding what happened and couldn’t figure out a thing on how to help. I know the delay is inexcusable, but I’d rather be late than never present.

Chictopia, an online fashion community similar to, has recently started a fund-raising campaign to help the victims of Japan tragedy–the Wear Red Wear Hope campaign. The campaign encourages Chictopians like me to wear and upload a photo wearing any outfit with a hint of red.

According to Chictopia:

The red circle on the Japanese flag represents what many Japanese children perceive to be the sun.  For us at Chictopia and many others in the wake of the recent crisis, it represents hope.

Every outfit post of Chictopia members wearing red will raise $1.

But if you’re not a member, you can still extend aid by donating through Red Cross here.

OR you can spread the news by sharing this post on your Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, Plurk or whatnot (via the buttons below), so that all Chictopians or interested donors will be informed of this cause. Let us all join hands in helping Japan.


Photo by Mark Tiu| Make up and hair styling by Em Rejano

Sheer, printed top from JACOB| Nude tube top| Denim shorts from Bench| Gladiator heels from Parisian

Hype the look on chictopia and lookbook.

SUMMER STYLE TIP: Sheer + prints are a good combo for your daily walks or hangouts with friends. 🙂


Blue Crush: Trends to Try This Summer

When people mention ‘summer,’ what’s the first thing you picture? Beaches! They are like the mandatory places to go when the heat kicks in. So I thought, why not go for an all-blue outfit? Yeah, I know, people have been displaying their color blocking skillz lately, but I’d like to be different. That’s how weird I am. 🙂

Florals and denim are the two trends that never get old. They always provide this easy-breezy and relaxed vibe which makes them perfect for spring and summer. And I could not think of any style to go with  them other than Hippie.

I’ve been trying to perfect wearing head bands but they always end up slipping from my gigantic head.  Surprisingly, the one I wore yesterday fit just fine. Hurray! Thanks to Mark and Em, they also made sure my hair looked good, especially in the photos.

Hippie band from Vente| Denim and floral bangles from Seasons| Crop top from Areej| Floral shorts from thrift store| Necklace from aunt| Heels from Parisian

Hype this look on lookbook and chictopia.

I consider myself very kuripot, I don’t buy tops or skirts that cost more than Php 300. I believe you can still look trendy without shelling out lots of money and, at the same time, not sacrificing quality. Did I mention that I only spent a total of Php 335 for this whole look? There are really good stuff in Divisoria. Some of them I’ve seen in Trinoma and SM sold at a higher price. Divisoria is not really as scary as what many people told me; you just have to look simple so as not to catch much attention from people. Just imagine how many ensembles you can create with only Php 1, 000! 🙂


Photography by Mark Tiu

Make up and hair styling by Em Rejano

Wardrobe styling by yours truly

It’s finally out: Ann Ward for Vogue Italia!

Ann Ward, the extremely thin-waisted gal of ANTM Cycle 15’s controversial promo video, can be finally brought home! This stunner who stands 6 feet and 2 inches is currently gracing Beauty in Vogue’s March cover photographed by Ellen von Unwerth, the fashion photographer well known for her playful and high contrast style [source].

Having won five consecutive best photo during the cycle, it is a no-brainer that she totally deserved to be declared as America’s next top model.  She may be very shy, yes, but that trait could be mended. And by being on Vogue’s cover and pages, who wouldn’t gain confidence right? I’m pretty sure Ann’s timidness has diminished.

Styled by Shiela Single, Ann has definitely transformed from an awkward girl to a high-fashion model. Check out the behind-the-scenes video:


Photo credits go to

How to Add Excitement to Your Otherwise Drab and Dull Outfit

The most redundant color you can find in my “closet” is nude, brown, black, and gray. Those are the colors which I find easy to match with, so don’t stab me. Hoho. Having them is very convenient, especially when you’re too lazy to dress up. Sometimes though, those colors do not look entrancing when the heat is on or colors start to pop in your neighbor’s garden. You could be mistaken for an old hag (gee, that’s creepy).

This past weekend, most of my clothes were still in the laundry. I’m such a slacker during weekends (eww me), I had no choice but to wear my grays and blacks. But I didn’t want to look like it’s the end of the world, so I wore my red suede heels to add a punch of color to my dull Saturday clothes choice.

I think RED is the perfect party-starter. The contrast of colors is very noticeable, and I just love it.

Flats are okay, too; however, if you want to add more attitude, I say wear heels. Heeled shoes make you look confident and TALL. I’m only five feet, but heels can elongate the legs thus making the wearer look taller. Couple them with mini-skirts or shorts, and you’ll look more statuesque. Skirts and shorts that are below the knees can make height-deficient people look shorter. 🙂

Hype the look on lookbook and chictopia.

Thank you Katt Maxwell for taking my photos. 🙂

Boardwalk’s 100 Models Search

Boardwalk, one of the country’s most successful direct-selling companies, has recently announced their 100 Models Search:


All experienced and amateur models are welcome to join as long as they fit the following requirements:

1. 16 – 24 years old

2. Must be physically fit, tall, long-legged and lean. At least 5’8 height for females, 5’11 for males

3. Must have no existing contract in conflict with the rules of the contest/employment with any direct selling company

4. Must be available anytime for go-sees, rehearsals and show dates.

There will be thousands of applicants for sure, so Boardwalk came up with a criteria for them to choose the best 100:

1. 30%Je ne sais quoi. The intangible quality that makes a person distinctive or attractive.

2. 30% – Personality, Uniqueness, Style

3. 30% – Physical appearance. Skin, hair, eyes, body shape, extremities, overall look.

4. 10% – Ability to comprehend and follow instructions.



1. If you (or someone you know), dear reader, fits the above requirements and criteria, get Boardwalk 100 Models Search Application Form from any Boardwalk branch/head office OR download the application form HERE.

2. Send filled-up 100 Models Search Form with 1 close up, 1 half body and 1 full body shot color photos 4R(4”x6”) in a short manila envelope not later than March 31, 2011 to:


1508, 15th Floor, West Tower PSE Center, Exchange Road, Ortigas Center, Pasig City


or email to

For those submitting application via email, photos should not exceed 1MB each.


3. Wait for a Go See invitation through email.

4. Attend Go See on dates and venues specified on your Go See email invite.

Go See to choose 100 qualifiers:


APRIL 6 & 8, 2011 at Unit 512, 5th Flr. West Tower, PSE Center, Exchange Road,

Ortigas Center, Pasig City

5. Wait for Go See results through email. 50 Male and 50 Female Models will be chosen to join the show.

6. If you are among the 100 who qualified, you will be required to attend the Final Call and Judging for TOP MODELS on April 16, 2011. Venue to be announced.

7. While 50 Male and 50 Female Models will be chosen to do the show, only ONE MALE and ONE FEMALE will be declared TOP MODELS. They will get P250,000 worth of modeling contract each.

8. Employees of Boardwalk and its sister companies including their relatives up to second degree of consanguinity or affinity are disqualified from joining this contest.

For more information, visit


Shopping for Branded Clothes Has Never Been This Easy and CHEAP!

Ever since I got my Paypal account, I developed the habit of shopping online. I was in college that time and didn’t know how to spend the money I got for writing articles online (my bank back then didn’t know what the heck Paypal is so I had no choice but to use it for online shopping.). Anyhoo, last month, I received an e-mail from Brandsfever.

Brandsfever is an invite-only online shopping club in the Philippines and Singapore that offers international fashion and lifestyle brands (e.g., Nike, PinkSoda, A-MOD) at up to 70% discount! Holy guacamole! That’s quite a big discount, right? So, being a sucker for fashion, I accepted their invite. I am yet to make my first purchase, I’ll let you know if I have.

Upon signing up, I was immediately awarded Php 500 which I can already use for purchasing. Aside from that, I was also given the privilege to invite as many people as I want. So, as a gift of gratitude for reading this post and for (hopefully) commenting, I am posting an invite so you could also enjoy being in an exclusive shopping club and marveling at the items they have on sale. Just click the link below:

Sign up for Brandsfever here.


You can also try signing up for AVA. Like Brandsfever, it’s also an invite-only shopping club that offers up 70% off on designer goods such as Prada, Armani, Aranaz, among others.

And since I’m already a member, I can invite other people to join. I provided an invite link below if you want to get your hands on those lovely designer items at less than half of their original price. Quality is guaranteed so no need to worry of knock-offs. Their items are 100% authentic! 🙂

Sign up for AVA here.

Make sure not to remove my name as the referrer or your registration will not be processed. Remember, it’s invite only.  🙂

Thank you! Enjoy shopping!



Someday I’ll Be Alice and Fall Through the Rabbit Hole

I have loved Alice in Wonderland since I was a kid. The original novel, Through the Looking Glass by Lewis Carroll, is the first English novel I read. I still remember how I endured the holes and dust that ailed that book (because I only found it at our old mini-library at home) and how it tickled my imagination. Yes, even at such a young age I already wondered what Alice wore when she fell through that rabbit hole. It wasn’t ordinary of course. The best thing about fiction is that it’s open to many possibilities; even the most hideous and ridiculous images are allowed.

Going back to Alice, I was so thrilled when I saw that America’s Next Top Model have done an Alice-in-Wonderland-inspired shoot for their 3rd episode. They shot in groups of two (which is very hard to do). But the best part is, they wore couture dresses from Chanel, Galliano, among others. Perfect!

Below are the top 3 group shots which also happened to be my top 3 choices.

3rd: Brittani Kline and Hannah Jones

2nd: Kasia Pilewicz and Molly O'Connell

1st: Monique Weingart and Alexandria Everett

I specifically love Brittani’s, Kasia’s, and Alexandria’s looks and dresses. I want a photo shoot like this one (ANNOUNCING… lulz). Better keep these as pegs.

Alexandria is most of the time bitchy and bossy to everyone on the show, but she definitely delivers during photo shoots. She resembles Cameron Diaz like A LOT. I’m rooting for Brittani to win though. 🙂

Styled by Lori Goldstein (I adore her aesthetic!)

Photography by Pamela Hanson

All photos taken from America’s Next Top Model Flickr Photostream. Check other photos there.


Spring This Look for Spring

This year’s spring and summer look is all about florals and prints and lots of colors. Spring is about to start in foreign countries while we Pinoys are getting ready for the summer. Yes, it may be kind of redundant wearing florals and other colorful pieces in spring, but you cannot wear dark, heavy colors while soaking yourself in the heat and fun, could you?

Floral dresses, as I have noticed, are the easiest items to wear. Why you ask? Because it needs minimal styling. You don’t have to pile up tons of accessories because the dress itself is already an eyecatcher. With all that print, accessories are not required; slip in some flats and you’re good to go.

Check out how Zuzi wore her floral dress:

Or if you can’t live without any accessory, try donning a hat and a thin belt like Elle Ribera‘s style:

Wearing those heels with socks will give your look more attitude.

I’m more of a minimalist though when it comes to styling, so I just chose a pretty floral dress with pockets for a younger, go-getter vibe:

Since I wasn’t wearing any accessories, I added flair by curling my hair instead:

Katt Maxwell, a friend/colleague of mine who's been very kind and helpful to me today, told me that this was my signature pose and expression, which, unfortunately, I couldn't perfect when we took this. *sobs*


They say shoes can make any bland outfit fabulous. And I couldn’t agree more.

Floral dress at Cocco| Awesome Charles & Keith heels willingly lent by Katt (who was also the photographer for this post. Thank you, Maxwell!)

Hype this look on lookbook and chictopia.


Wardrobe Switching: The Easiest Way to Create Disparate Looks

Although I love shopping and I always see to it I buy something new each payday, I cannot wear the same thing everyday or every week for that matter. Buying another dress, skirt, or tank top just for the sake of having a different look every single day is just very impractical and, not to mention, expensive. So what I do instead is recycle clothes and “wardrobe switch.”

Sometimes when my dress is too short for the office, I use it as a top. I have also visualized using skirts as a top but I wasn’t sure if it would fit my torso. Luckily, my hip is the same size as my bust!

Below are photos where two of my skirts were interchangeably used as a tube top and a skirt.

This one looks a little bit sexy and sensual to me.

And this is a more innocent, girly look. (Forgive me for the lack of accessories. )

It’s indeed surprising how one ensemble could create two distinct looks.

Hype the look on lookbook and chictopia.

SoFA Models Go-See


Do you want to model for the country’s future top-caliber designers? Then head over to SoFA’s models  go-see this coming Saturday, March 12 for the SoFA Graduation Show 2011!


  • All models should be at least 16 years old. Minors should make sure to bring a letter of parental consent during the go-see.
  • Be certain to bring your PORTFOLIO and SETCARD.
  • Wear ALL BLACK. Women should wear HEELS and MINIMAL MAKEUP.
  • Before you race to SoFA, make sure you qualify to the following HEIGHT REQUIREMENTS:

MALE: Height should be 5’9″ and up. Go-see schedule is 9:00am to 12:00nn.

FEMALE: Height should be 5’7″ and up. Go-see schedule is 1pm to 4pm.



Do not be late! It’s better to be the earliest.


Posting because School of Fashion and the Arts is my dream fashion school and I plan on enrolling before I turn 25. Haha. I still have about three years. Just have to straighten up my plans and schedule.



I apologize for the lack of updated posts. Been trying to hibernate from all the internet hoopla and give more time for my self and my work.

How to Wear Crop Tops With Style

The Philippines is quite a conservative country. Any outfit that shows more skin than the usual would elicit lots of stares from people–from admiration to disgust–depending on their fashion awareness. The summer season, however, is the time of the year that it’s almost excusable to wear anything short and revealing, except in schools, churches, offices, and even malls.

Karlie Kloss for Vogue

Swimsuits are like the beach uniform, but if you’re a little more conservative, crop tops are the best summer outfit option:

PHOTO CREDIT: Julia Monson at
PHOTO CREDIT: Lindsey Lugrin at


1. Crops tops can be worn with shorts (denim, preferably) or fitted jeans.

Kryz Uy of

2. Accessorize them with belts and necklaces to add some attitude.

Tricia Gosingtian of

3. Or pair them with harem pants and classy or statement heels.

4. But if you’re not into showing your tummy, you can wear a tank top, a bandeau, or any garment under it.

I tried wearing one today. I was slightly worried and scared that I might not pull off the look:

If you got Lookbook and Chictopia, you can hype the look here and here respectively.

My crop top is sheer so I wore a lace top under it. I accessorized by layering a couple of necklaces and putting on a handwoven belt for a more relaxed feel.

I also tried to add some cutesiness by wearing the accessories above. 🙂

For more ideas on how to wear crop tops, go here.

The Second First: Make-up Artistry

If last week was my first official styling gig, yesterday was the first time I “painted” someone else’s face for a photo shoot. Not that I’m new at it, I’ve always loved painting my friends’ faces and mine but it’s all for fun. It’s quite nerve-wracking seeing your work being taken by the lens, unsure if what you did fell short, or is over-the-top, or is just right.

Thankfully, it turned out fine.

What do you think?

I can only do natural looks or barely there make-up because that’s what I wear everyday. I also had immense difficulty with the model’s lips because they’re too thin (which I so want. Haha). Using a lipliner, I lined past her real lips to make it look thicker (or at least I thought it did).

Model: Maribeth Balay

Photographers: Kendrick Go and Cristina Brito

I have not blogged for almost a week, and the whole team was awesome enough to let me model, too, so I brought one ensemble. Yay! Hello Lookbook and Chictopia post!

Hype the look on Lookbook and Chictopia.

Yesterday was so fun. Too bad I didn’t get to stay longer, I and my old high school friends had to meet to watch the pyrolympics at SM Mall of Asia. I was so tired that day I was sleeping while on the way to the mall. Hehe.

Thank you Cristina Brito, Philip Jara, and Marc Wew for the photos! 🙂

Testing the Waters: My First Ever Styling Gig

Saturday is my favorite day. It’s that time of the week that I can do the things I love: dressing up, shopping, blogging, reading, sometimes modeling, and sleeping like there’s no tomorrow.

Yesterday, however, was a bit unlike my usual Saturdays. I love dressing up so much that I never thought anyone would take interest in what I do and actually invite me to dress up someone else, and for a photo shoot even! Armed with my personal “aesthetic”, I grabbed every stuff I can carry–from dresses, accessories, shoes, make-up, and whatnot, and went to the shoot location. The whole experience was unnerving but at the same time gratifying, especially when I saw the outcome:

DRESS Cocco| ACCESSORIES Pearl necklace turned into layered bracelets, black gem bracelet, gold headband turned into ponytail tie

TOP & BOTTOM Bunny sweater, denim shorts

TOP & BOTTOM Printed tank top, beaded tulle skirt| ACCESSORIES Layered pearl necklace, Boveeshop vintage ring, Chanel bracelet, bow hair clip

TOP Red Safari-inspired tube dress| ACCESSORIES Bangles in animal prints

Unfortunately the last model had no body shots as she had to go home early, it was her birthday. Yay! Anyway, what do you think of my styling? 🙂

PHOTOGRAPHERS Kendrick Go and Paolo Sy respectively


MODELS Monic Cua, Blizzeth Lee, Danica Ong respectively

Extra Extra! :)

Hey, guys. Have you seen the February 2011 issue of Meg magazine?

The Feb issue presents the spring 2011 trends–from prints, florals, colors, and grays. The best thing about Meg is that their pages cover lots of tips, information, and updates on fashion, events, and blogging and bloggers (my fave portion). Fashion-wise, the mag’s styles are very easy to imitate; the clothes’, accessories’, and shoes’ designs that they show are very easy to find in malls. AND…

I was in it! On page 28. Hohoho. Yesss I’m proud even if I was only an extra and I my head looked big. Lulz.

I happened to be one of the top 40 candidates of Meg magazine’s Face Search and that night was the announcement of the top 10. Unfortunately, I didn’t make it because I didn’t know that I was one of the top 40.Sigh. Anyway, read here to know more about the event.

Voting ended in December 2010. Who do you think won? Let’s just wait for the March cover to find out. 🙂



Phoebe Rutaquio won the search. Congrats, Phoebe! 🙂

(or ones that at least resemble them)

Getting Ready for Prom: The Vania Romoff Prom Collection

22 years old and I’m still obsessed about prom. It’s one of the most exciting events in high school, and when I was young I never got the chance to wear my dream prom dress. You are probably here to know the best style for your upcoming prom (or I indirectly forced you to read my entry for traffic’s sake. Lulz.).  Anyway, we are so used to seeing floor-length dresses and gowns during that special night, but many of us fail to consider other cuts and style that can also be fit for prom.

Vania Romoff

Young designer Vania Romoff, one of Preview’s Designers to Watch for 2010, has recently collaborated with The Ramp for the prom season. Her designs were all cut short into dresses, accentuated with huge details like gigantic bows, flow, and color play.
White and candy colors + ribbons = chic and youthful

If I were a high school student myself, I would prefer dresses rather than gowns. They are something you can definitely wear for the prom after-party!

From Tumblr to New York Fashion Week

A long time ago, blogs were only considered as an online journal or a hideout for some people. But as technology improved, so does the popularity of blogs and the bloggers. Now, they are both loved and feared by many as this bunch of blog peeps can easily praise or scandalize people with just a few words. Aside from this, gifts, not to mention bangin’ shoes, clothes, and accessories, writing opportunities, media features, and access to sought-after events are some of the  perks that wait on bloggers’ doorsteps.

Tumblr, one of the biggest blog platforms in like the whole world has announced earlier in January of this year that they will be sending 20+ of their bloggers to New York Fashion Week. How’s that for a perk, huh? And yesterday, the list of 24 bloggers were released and they are: *(cue music)*

Jessica Schroeder (
John Jannuzzi (
Tricia Gosingtian (
Erin Hagstrom (
Rebecca Stice (
Sara Zucker (
Courtney Kellner (
Stefanie Fail (
Sabino Aguad (
Jamie Beck (
Geri Hirsch (
Giuseppe Santamaria (
Erica Domesek (
Ashley Yingling (
Montserrat Macuer (
Jeannine Tan (
Amy Weidenbach (
Rachel Schwartz (
Stephanie Toms (
Ella Wood (
Chelsea Bell (
Ashley Simko (
Terra McBride (
Alexandra Froggett (

Yes, you read it right. Tricia Gosingtian, the Philippines’ top fashion blogger, will be in New York Fashion Week! Yay! All 24 will get to stay in New York for free, dine with the designers, editors, and some fashion personalities. I follow Tricia Gosingtian in Tumblr and I know she definitely deserves to come to New York Fashion Week, which will open tomorrow (February 10, New York time) btw.

“Everyone from Diane von Furstenberg and Tory Burch to Donna Karan and Derek Lam will be showing their fall collections to fashion editors, buyers, celebrities, socialites and bloggers, while style experts watch closely for emerging fashion trends.” Just hearing Diane Von Furstenberg and Tory Burch makes me all the more excited. I will definitely watch out for the Fall 2011 collection.

Being an online blabber certainly has advantages. ‘Be back in a jiffy. 🙂

CREDITS: Photo © Tricia Gosingtian,,,,

Doing Something Unexpected Of You Is Exciting!

I was checking my blog early this morning when I saw a comment from one of the most popular bloggers in the country–FlairCandy. I couldn’t help but be flattered so I went to her ever-fab blog to let her know how honored I was.

One particular entry about a serpent ring caught my eye. Aside from it being gold, the design made me curious and right then and there I knew I had to get it. As I have said in my previous post, I’m starting to fancy and collect rings.

Photo taken by Kristel Chuateco, grabbed it from FlairCandy

Isn’t it gorgeous? Unfortunately, I can’t have it that easy (unless I have Php4, 000). I have to upload my photo on Panopio Jewelry’ Facebook page and have it liked by tons of people. Here’s the photo I uploaded:

Do you like it? If you do, could you like Panopio’s page, then my photo?  I don’t normally do this you know, but I want the ring so bad. Readers, help me? Pretty please? And do not forget to share the link to your friends. I would consider this a gigantic favor. Thank you! 🙂 Mwah!

Forever 21 + St. Francis Square = A Must-Love

Ali and I usually have lazy weekends together. We just normally eat, sleep, watch movies, and surf the net on those days. So today, to spice things up a bit, we decided to go outside Quezon City. She’d been urging me for weeks to visit St. Francis Square for there are lots of goodies there. And since it was just right behind Megamall, I asked her that we pass by Forever 21.

Whenever I go to Megamall, I always make sure to visit Forever 21 even if I do not have intentions of buying. Just looking at the store and its incredibly fashionable items makes me blissful!

Forever 21 has the most amazing pairs of shoes 🙂

Yep, that’s me trying on some nude wedges. I know what I want next time. Hee.

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October Target: Score an Invite for the 2011 Philippine Fashion Week

I have never seen a single show of the Philippine Fashion Week. I could say I’m a lot more “adept” in foreign collections. The Philippines is a rich country, not just in values and agriculture, but also in aesthetics. We’ve seen and heard about Filipinos taking the fashion industry by storm, such as Danica Magpantay who was recently crowned as Ford Supermodel of the World, besting approx 70 other contestants from all over the world, and Rajo Laurel whose cobweb dress landed the cover of  Womens Wear Daily, the fashion industry’s bible, on February 9, 2010 :

17-year-old Danica outshines over 70 models, winning $250,000 modeling contract with Ford Models.

Rajo Laurel, a Filipino designer whose cobweb dress landed the cover of the February 9 issue of Women's Wear Daily, the fashion industry’s bible read by millions of people worldwide (credits:

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Reinventing Accessories

I preoccupied myself with lots of things today. I did the laundry, organized our room, and fixed some of my stuff. While doing the latter, I realized I have tons of accessories already and that I need to stop myself from buying more. My jewelry box is oozing with them and yesterday, I had to buy another box to place the excess ones. As I was grouping them, I found this cute black bracelet which I haven’t worn in ages:

Unfortunately, it’s broken. It could have been a cool statement accessory; the buttons have really nice details (with the floral and stripe designs and all), it’d be such a waste to just throw them out. So I thought, why not make them into rings? I’ve been drooling over those connector rings from Forever 21 but their prices just don’t suit my budget, but hey I can totally make my own, right, without having to spend thousands of bucks. Read more.

TOPSHOP Spring Summer 2011

I was doing my usual fashion trends research today when I was simply starstruck by Topshop’s Spring Summer 2011 collection. I was originally planning to blog about Chanel and LV again, but I just couldn’t resist to share to you, guys, Topshop’s awesome collection. It’s fun and hip, and gave the bohemian vibe that I dearly love.

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Vanessa Hudgens for Candie’s 2011 Spring Campaign

Move over Britney, Vanessa is now that new star of Candie’s. It was just recently confirmed and announced by Candie’s that Vanessa Hudgens of  the epic High School Musical will be their ambassador for their 2011 campaign. Below are the ads for the campaign:

Candie’s sells junior-sized clothing (teen wear). Although Vanessa’s not a teen anymore, her petite figure makes her a believable endorser for teen wear.

But do you think she’ll attract more buyers than Britney? And what can you say about the Candie’s 2011 spring collection?


Preview No. 3: Liz Uy

Hurray! I was able to grab a copy of the Jan/Feb 2011 issue with no less than Liz Uy on the cover yesterday.

What is so special about her that made her land the cover of the No. 1 local fashion magazine? First of all, Liz Uy is just one of the most popular or, shall I say, best stylist in the country; she is a presidential and celebrity stylist. Moreover, she is also the fashion editor of the magazine  she posed for. Although some people raised their eyebrows upon seeing her on the cover (because it’s like a rule that magazine editors and staff should avoid featuring themselves), I think it’s quite a great idea having her. For one, Liz’s style is prodigious yet smooth. It’s like natural for her to look fashionable. Second, the buzz she unintentionally created last year is definitely something worth featuring. Aside from that, she handled all the rumors like how a real fashionista should handle them–with grace and poise. And third, as one reader said, it’s probably high time that magazines stop featuring actors. and instead present those people who helped those actors look beautiful.

Well that’s just about the cover, you haven’t seen anything yet. Unlike other magazines, Preview always comes up with creative ideas in every issue. Last December, they launched the augmented reality with Solenn Heussaff. In this month’s issue, Preview presents the best of S/S 2011 trends “in tune” with the greatest musical compilations:

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Hearting Valentino: The 2011 Pre-Fall Collection

More often than not, ordinary dressers (like me) refuse to wear designs from runway shows for the following reasons:

  • The designs are very out-of-this-worldly, it’s quite embarrassing, instead of uplifting, wearing them in public.
  • They seem to be patterned to a modelesque physique alone.
  • The costs are pretty expensive for average earners.

The last one being the most common, which also explains why many of us sacrifice personal style. We have to admit that better-looking clothes carry hefty price tags. We have to take note though that we don’t have to buy LV or Chanel-like garments  just to be considered in style; it is also a big NO-NO to buy fake ones, and worse announce that they’re authentic. There are alternatives to looking great without burning holes in your pocket, all you have to do is know the current trends and their look-alikes.

Time flies fast and soon we’ll realize fall is back,  and  the best labels to turn to for inspiration this season are Burberry Prorsum and Valentino. i’ll focus on Valentino in this post as I can’t get enough of the label’s 2011 pre-fall collection.

This reminds me of the Adams Family.

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Gimme That Trophy: The 68th Annual Golden Globe Awards

“A Golden Globe Award is an accolade presented by the Hollywood Foreign Press Association (HFPA) to recognize excellence in filmtelevision (and probably music) both domestic and foreign. The annual formal ceremony and dinner at which the awards are presented is a major part of the film industry’s awards season, which culminates each year with the Academy Awards.”  ~Wikipedia, 2011
Do not confuse the Golden Globe with the Oscars fellas. Oscars (a.k.a Academy Awards) recognizes films alone. Now, The Golden Globe Awards are being held as we speak at Beverly Hills, California. While waiting for the results, take a peak at the video and red carpet photos below all from Yahoo regarding the nominations:

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Blake Lively: The New Chanel Mademoiselle Ambassador

Oh yes, she did it again. After being named as 2010’s Best Dressed by Vogue:

Blake Lively, a.k.a Serena Van Der Woodsen of Gossip Girl, scored another feat. Read more.

The Black Swan

One of the best 2010 movies I’ve seen is the Black Swan. It’s a psychological thriller played by the ever-beautiful Natalie Portman.

The Black Swan is a story about a ballerina, Nina Sayers, who dreams of coveting the lead role for her New York City ballet company’s production of The Swan Lake, but finds difficulty playing both the White and Black Swan. Although she perfectly fits the White Swan, her stiffness and perfectionism prevent her from embodying the Black Swan, which suited Lily (Mila Kunis) more, her understudy.

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What’s Up with Royal Fashion?

Every woman in the world has dreamt of being a princess. We imagined ourselves wearing sparkling gowns, diamond-encrusted tiaras and crowns, overflowing food, unlimited riches, and a handsome prince, not knowing that there is more to being a princess. In the real world, royal people are nothing different from celebrities. Their lives are open to the public, paparazzis swarm around them and take photos during their most unguarded moments.

THE ROYAL COUPLE: Prince William looks a lot like Princess Diana. Gee. Kate is so stunning!

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Getting the Perfect Fit: Determining Your Dress Size

One fashion staple every woman must have in her closet is an LBD (little black dress). However, a true fashion-conscious woman should not only buy any LBD in display, she must also make sure that it fits perfectly.

If you are an extemporaneous, impulsive shopper like me, time is always of the essence. As much as possible, fitting a dress should not take me more than five minutes. And knowing my dress size had seriously helped me getting the perfect dress in less time. I’m a size zero/small, so every dress that doesn’t say zero or small in its tag is instantly scratched out of the list.

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My Christmas Reward

Moments ago, I was panic-buying at TriNoma though I was and still am not sure if I could come home for the holidays. With lots of optimism, I withdrew my budget for gifts. When I got there, I was totally at a loss of what to get for my loved ones. Screw my forgetfulness, I ended up grabbing the most fitting items I could see. And just as expected, the stuff I pulled out cost way more. So, HUHU I had to have my card swiped, which I was terribly trying to avoid. I felt  extremely bad for not sticking to the budget but, hey, I comforted myself that the things I got were all cutie patootie. Quite expensive, yes, but totally worth it. Defensive, eh?

Of course, I bought some for myself as well. I worked hard, dude, so it’s just fair I give myself presents, too. Lately, I’ve been obsessed with accessories, particularly those with lace and ribbons. I got a bow clip just a week ago. Now, I have two more to add to the bow collection. 🙂

This being the second. It’s a necklace, a little flashy and sparkly because it has gold chains (faux gold, of course) and black beads, but the flashiness was toned down by the bow’s so-called innocence. Just perfect for my growing black, gold, and gray “wardrobe.” (As if I got a huge closet, LOL.)

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The dress I bought won’t fit me. But it’s my size!” This is one common woe I hear from shoppers. More often than not, many of us rely on the size tag of an item and just suck up to its ugly fit. Sayang ng pera.

I really liked this sheer floral top I saw at NafNaf. The size is S for small (the smallest size). I’ve been always a small-sized gal but this one still seemed to be a bit loose at the armpits. I didn’t buy it. P.S. I can’t rock Korean peace signs. 😐

Trust me, ladies, even if a dress is your size, there are instances that it won’t look flattering on the bust, waist, armpits, shoulders areas, among others. And the best way to avoid buying the wrong size is to use the fitting room (Yes, even if you’re just window shopping.). Try the item on first before purchasing it. It will save you time, money, effort, and stress of returning the item and arguing with the salesperson.

I usually buy at the teens section because my frame is sometimes too small for ladies wear. This one is a size S from Soiree. I showed it to my friend and she said it looks nice. I thought so, too.

I also used to be the very shy shopper, but now I know better. Aside from trying on items I plan to buy, I also take pictures of them to give me a better idea of its appearance. Aside from that, my taste in clothes could be different from others, so I also show the photos to a friend, and ask her opinion about it.

Shopping is fun and rewarding. Do not ruin your experience by buying a cute top but with dreckitude fit.

Louis Vuitton Spring Summer 2011 Collection


“Louis Vuitton Malletier — commonly referred to as Louis Vuitton , or shortened to LV — is a French fashion house founded in 1854. The label is well known for its LV monogram, which is featured on most products, ranging from luxury trunks and leather goods to ready-to-wear, shoes, watches, jewellery, accessories, sunglasses, and books. Louis Vuitton is one of the world’s leading international fashion houses. Louis Vuitton sells its products through small boutiques in high-end department stores, and through the e-commerce section of its website.” ~Wikipedia, 2010

LV 2011 designed by Marc Jacobs took a really oriental turn in its Spring Summer 2011 collection. Mao-neck pieces were all over the runway. LV made it a little more fierce by splashing some colors. The following were the highlights of the collection:

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Chanel Spring Summer 2011 Collection

I have been very open about my love for fashion. Sad to say, I only know minuscule things about it. A true fashion enthusiast, I believe, should know every prominent label in Milan, London, and New York. He/she should be adept in executing the current trends, e.g. the colors, textures, and designs for Spring Summer 2011. In this post, I will attempt to share the trend for S/S 2011 and perhaps give a few insights of what’s in store for next year’s fashion industry, well, according to Chanel.

Fashion ignoranti like me only know well a few fashion labels–most of the time, the popularly-used ones. Who has not heard of Chanel? This uber famous brand is founded by Gabrielle “Coco” Chanel. It is recognized as the most established in haute couture, ready-to-wear clothes, handbags, perfumery, and cosmetics among others (Wikipedia, 2010). No wonder, every fashionista in the world worships Chanel.

Winter is almost over, and summer and spring are upcoming. What way to rock those seasons best but wear Chanel’s S/S 2011 collection. They are chic, some are cozy, elegant, and adventurous.

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Preview Magazine Collection Starts NOW

Everyone close to me knows that I am so in love with fashion. It does not seem like it when I dress up on ordinary days, but my increasing number of fashion magazines at my dorm room is an attestation to my love for anything chic and glam. So last month, I bought my first ever Preview magazine. As the magazine’s tagline states, it is the best-selling fashion magazine in the Philippines. I don’t know if that is correct (like when all novels at bookstores boast that they are best-sellers), one thing I am sure of though is that Preview shouts FASHION from the cover to the inside pages.

My first Preview mag is that of Cristine Reyes on the cover. Cristine frequented men’s mags so it was quite a surprise (for her and for many of us) that Preview got her to do a cover shoot. Nevertheless, the Louis Vuittons she donned suited her. She looked very sophisticated and captured the vintage-nostalgic effect that Preview was going for (a lot of help came from the six-digit LV pieces and the cat’s eye make up, too). Steamy!

A Php 150 magazine is a little expensive for my heavily budgeted income, but hey, it’s a lot cheaper comparing to those adorable shoes I’ve been eyeing at Parisian. And so I bought my second Preview magazine with Solenn Heussaff on the cover. I never really fancied her beauty, but when I saw the Preview cover two days ago, she won me hands-down. Solenn is not your typical controversial celebrity; she is a fashion designer and a make-up artist at the same time. Whoa to that!

Aside from the gorgeous Tory Burch 2011 Resort Collection Solenn sported, Preview launched the first ever Augmented Reality issue. Curious? Just grab a copy of December 2010 issue of Preview, then go to Btw, you must have a webcam, and you will be able to travel the world with Solenn. So cool!

Well, I cannot wait for the new year’s edition. Let’s all have a blast this Christmas. 🙂

***Photos from Google