Hello! My name is Daphne Verzosa, a 20-something-year-old fashion and beauty enthusiast currently based in Tampa, Florida. I was born and raised in a beautiful town in the Philippines, but left for Manila a year after graduation to pursue graduate studies.

Two years later, I met (again) the love of my life Chad Verzosa, who also happened to be my childhood crush; got engaged after three years; and recently took the plunge into marital bliss. So now I’m here — trying to start a new chapter in a new country with a strangely different culture.

I got my husband with me now so you can pretty much expect that I’ll be more consistent from now on. Haha! My hope is that girls will be able to learn a thing or two from my posts–whether it’s about shopping, keeping our skin healthy and beautiful, traveling, or life in general. 🙂

Get in touch with me through any of my social media channels or feel free to send me an email if you like! I like hearing from my readers. Talk to you soon! xx



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