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Holiday Dressing: Bleu à la Mode

Putting together an outfit is not that easy. Girls like me need a loooot of time to prepare, especially if it’s for a grand occasion. The holidays are upon us and that only means more family gatherings and social events. According to Pantone, this season’s most coveted colors by designers are earthy neutrals with a dash of bold hues that represent hope, fantasy, and all things natural.

Photo: Pantone

Most of the colors are different variations of blue, which also happens to be a Christmas color. So why not choose outfits that have blue in them? There are already many stores online carrying holiday-themed dresses. If you are looking for well-made yet affordable finds, go local. ZALORA’s collection of blue dresses is absolutely gorgeous! There you will find different styles from various local retailers. Inspired by the above sketches, I’ve compiled four outfit suggestions below using items from different brands. If you want to see more of my sets, follow my boards on Polyvore!


Classic Elegance

If you are the conservative type, this is great for you. The slits of the dress are not too high, and the floral details on the sides are strategically placed to accentuate your curves. Since this is long-sleeved, you don’t need bracelets and other trinkets on your wrists–just a dainty necklace and matching earrings. Accessorize your hands with a gorgeous ring and clutch to store your phone and other abubots. Then, finish it off with these pointy pair of heels.


Comfy Elegance

During holiday events, you meet a lot of people so you need to be comfortable in your outfit. If you are not used to body-hugging outfits, why not try a wrap-around or empire-cut dress? This won’t restrict your legs, allowing you to move around freely. Match it with ankle-strap heels for more support and an elegant white clutch.


Sensual Elegance

On the other hand, if you are the adventurous type with to-die-for collar bones, this set is perfect for you. This dress shows off just the right amount of skin and hugs the body in the right places. Accentuate your outfit with a gold-tone onyx and lapis drop earrings and watch. Then pair it with ankle-strap black pointy heels for a more sophisticated look.


Simple Elegance

Honestly, if I were to choose from all the sets in this post, I would go for this one. If you are a floral dress type of girl (like me), this pretty dress is right for you. It’s made from neoprene so it stretches to fit any body type. You don’t have to worry about eating too much as it can tuck away the bulge. Pair it with a chunky heels and black shoulder bag so you can move freely. Match it with a blue watch and earrings to complete the ensemble.

So, what are you wearing for the holidays? Share your outfit below!

‘Live to Feel’ Stories to Keep You from Feeling Blue

Lately I’ve been feeling a little uninspired with life in general. I consider myself a happy person–my friends and office-mates would even jokingly get annoyed at me for being too happy–but recent events (or the lack thereof) have turned me into a sourpuss. Last week I was even on the verge of deleting all my social media accounts. And then this B’lue box arrived. Unlike the usual packages I get, this one is quite special. I don’t normally read inspirational stuff but this box came right when I was at my “bluest” and questioning myself–I thought the universe is telling me something.

The box contained a delicious water-based drink and book full of motivational stories from ordinary people like me. I bet at one point in their lives the people in these pages questioned their place in the sun as well. Luckily for them, they eventually found their calling. But how did they do it? Some of them have talents and used them to know their purpose, while some found it through exploration. The others saw it in the simplest of things–like love, recycling, and community work.

What I loved most about the book are the tips inserted in each chapter. At the back of the cards below are easy-to-do “ingredients” for a refreshed body, an enlivened mood, and a motivated mind–things that I need right this moment.

It also came with an exploration map to guide you in finding your “self”. It mentioned fashion, travel, food, and cheap ways to make use of your time like sports, reading, and reconnecting with old friends. To many of us these ordinary activities are just ordinary activities, but we do not realize how these could foster important aspects of our lives–like relationships, skills, contentment, and eventually self-actualization.

Looking at these pages, I realized we all have battles; how we see our lives is just a matter of finding the right perspective. I still have issues that I continually wrestle with everyday, but this B’lue box has taught me everything I needed to do to overcome them. No more defeatist mindset, I hope!

So whenever I feel down, I know I have this yummy B’lue drink and Live to Feel Stories to lighten my mood. This beverage is a water-based drink infused with vitamins and minerals, making it a great alternative for unhealthy sweetened drinks like soda. It is lychee-flavored so kids can enjoy it too! 🙂


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