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Travel Post: Baler

Here’s my long-delayed travel post that I promised to share last year. Chad and I went on a surf trip to Baler, one of the most visited surf spots in the Philippines, in December. I haven’t been to that part of the country so we decided to go there. I wanted to see the places Chad frequented when we were younger; I didn’t get to travel during my teenage years so we promised each other that we’ll travel a lot while he’s still here in the Philippines.


That’s me carrying the boards on our way to the bus terminal. I remember being very tired at this point. I just got off work  and we were trying to make it to the (only) 7:30 AM direct trip to Baler via Genesis bus. Alas, when we got there, they told us the bus left at 7AM. I was ready to go back home when they told us there’s another way to get to Baler. All we had to do was board an ES Transit bus to Cabanatuan and from there board another bus going to Baler.


We chose a non-airconditioned bus upon arriving in Cabanatuan, as long exposure to airconditioned rooms make me sick, literally. Finding the bus wasn’t difficult, but I got annoyed with a group of men who kept ‘volunteering’ to help us with our stuff. They hounded us and grabbed some of our things and placed them on top of the bus. The next thing I know, they were forcing us to buy the food they’re selling since (according to them) they ‘helped’ us. I was like, “seriously?!” I had never felt so harassed in my entire life.


Good thing the weather was chilly, I left my hot temper in Cabanatuan. Baler was very nice place, a typical countryside.


I loved the fact that they are preserving the old houses and signages. Here are some of the photos:


The next five photos were taken using my phone, sorry about that. We went to Doña Aurora Quezon’s residence and got to see old pictures and newspaper clippings as well as some of her dresses. There was no entrance fee but visitors can leave a donation.




Of course, we had to see the late President Manuel Quezon’s old home. I was surprised to see how modest his house was, very much unlike our current leaders’ homes. I gained more respect for him that day.


And the museum. No entrance fee required as well. Isn’t that awesome?


We stayed in Pacific Waves Inn for two days. I don’t have pictures but you can check out a great review of the place here. The owners were very kind, they even provided us free transportation and a discount. 😛 The room we rented, which was good for two persons, costs Php 1,200 a night but they gave it to us for only Php 1000, complete with internet connection, airconditioning, and a hot-and-cold bath. Another bonus is we’re just a few steps away from the beach. 🙂




Chad surfing 🙂


It often rained during our stay in Baler, but we enjoyed the place tremendously. Here’s a nice album by George Kamel I recently discovered that’s perfect for rainy, cuddle weathers. 🙂 You can download his album for free here and believe me, you won’t regret it. 🙂

MadHouse MNL January: Andro-Jenny

Hello! I apologize for being MIA for the past couple of weeks. I was stuck in the doldrums and nothing seemed to entice me to do stuff—until last night. Madhouse MNL, the online magazine where Chad and I regularly contribute, has just released their January issue dedicated to M-E-N.

Chad and I didn’t like the idea of using a male model wearing masculine clothes, because that’s what the magazine would have expected us to do—and we didn’t want that. While discussing the matter, I suddenly remembered Brittani Kline’s advertorial for Benetton published in Vogue Mexico. She looked really boyish in the pictures but they’ve decided to add a few feminine elements as well. Chad and I were like, “we can definitely do that.” 🙂

Pants and accessories from Trunk Show (6)

Finding a model proved to be difficult. We wanted someone with short hair and someone who can be pogi (handsome) but effeminate. Chad and I are novices in the field so we only know few people and none of them were androgynous enough, except for Ginelle, who was miles away from us. Fortunately, her dad allowed her to travel to Manila, et voilà we have a model!

Pants and accessories from Trunk Show

Ginelle reminds me a bit of Ann Ward, who imitated Alexander Wang in one of the ANTM episodes hehe. Like before, we did three layouts—smart casual, spring casual, and grunge.

Pants from Trunk Show (3) Pants from Trunk Show (4)

Grunge was my absolute fave. The look reminded me of Johnny Depp’s I-don’t-give-a-f*ck aura during the ’90s and Ginelle did an excellent job at owning the look.

Pants and shoes from Trunk Show (3)

I love working with amazing people. They inspire me to think and do more, and do better of course. I’m actually excited for our next shoot; hopefully it’s as fun as this one.

Pants and shoes from Trunk Show (7)

Thanks to Trunk Show, by the way, for the wonderful pants, accessories, and shoes. Do check out their stores in Trinoma and Powerplant Mall. In the meantime, like their Facebook page here.

Photographer: Chad Verzosa

Model: Ginelle Chavez

Hair and make-up artist: Elaine Silva

Stylist: Me 🙂


Our editorial spread can be found on pages 296-313 at Please check it out! What do you think of the photos? We hope you like it! 🙂


ClickOnline Boutique Giveaway: The Pahabol Edition (CLOSED)

Remember me telling you during the Grand December Giveaway Part 4 that it could be the last of my holiday giveaway series? Guess what, another generous shop, ClickOnline Boutique, has decided to make habol and treat one lucky participant of the following:


An authentic printed top from Zara, a lovely cover-up perfect for the spring/summer season, and a cutie patootie mustache necklace!

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That’s it! The winner will be chosen via on January 22, 2012. This giveaway is for Philippine residents only. Thanks for joining and good luck to you all! 🙂



Congratulations, Mica Ella P. de Jesus! Please check your email. 🙂



My boyfriend and I weren’t able to celebrate New Year’s Eve together, but we definitely spent a lot of time together after. We decided to take a stroll around Cubao. I’ve always loved Cubao during the holidays—the lights are so pretty and people look forward to the giant Christmas tree every year.


Although not very clean, Cubao will remain special to Chad and I. It’s where we met (again) a couple of years ago, plus it’s the only place near us where we can find shops that develop films.


Dress from ClickOnlineBoutique | Chain bracelet from Boutique de Reines | Cross necklace and sequined flats, thrifted

Thanks to Lilet of ClickOnlineBoutique for the lovely dress and to Honey of Boutique de Reines for the pretty chain bracelet! 🙂


It finally sank in that 2013 has begun. I do not plan on wasting any time this year, and it kinda makes me scared. I’m at an age where every day is crucial to my success, where there’s no room for fooling around. I’ve got 12 months to make things start happening; it isn’t enough, but it’s the only time given.


I can only hope for the best.

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Photos by Chad

Check out this song by Ellie Goulding! I absolutely adore her and her music. I hope you like it!

Bonne année!

Bonne année! (Happy new year!) Posting my holiday outfits just now because, let’s get real, who reads blogs during the Yuletide season? I don’t. 😛 Anyway, how was your Christmas and new year? I hope you guys had a wonderful vacation. Surprisingly, I had the most amazing Christmas in years, as I have become quite accustomed to welcoming bad luck every December.


As I’ve shared to you quite a number of times already, I came from a humble family and we didn’t normally ‘celebrate’ (meaning cook and give out presents) in our household for the holidays, until almost all of the children in the family graduated from school and began earning money. For a long time, we were satisfied with visiting our relatives, spending time with them, and letting the night pass.


The past three years was full of, shall I say, disaster. There were accidents and death in the family, all of which happened during the Christmas season for three consecutive years. Surely you’d understand why I have feared a month that is eagerly anticipated by everyone. 2012 was different, however. And I’m glad that finally, our luck has turned.


I’m thankful for a lot of things, really, which I will blog about soon. For now though, here are some photos of the outfit which I wore during my cousin’s wedding and my nephew’s christening. I may look like a tree, but there’s something about green that makes me happy and hopeful.


Primadonna dress | Forever 21 necklace | heels from Zalora | Arm candies from Boutique de Reines

Do check out Boutique de Reines‘ stuff! They’re really pretty!


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Photos by Chad


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