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Holga Series: Mind Cruisin’

It’s been a year since I last saw the ocean so when Chad told me we’re going to La Union, I agreed without hesitation. I haven’t been to La Union but I do know it’s a famous surf spot, and I understand why. It’s clean and the waves as well as the locals are very pleasant. I initially wanted to try surfing again, like I did last year, but we didn’t get to bring nor rent a longboard so I learned skimboarding instead.

This is me smiling after bruising my knee and thigh, getting a swollen ankle, and landing on my butt after sliding countless times. I have low pain tolerance, but when it comes to learning how to surf and skim, I’m willing to endure a few injuries. Those injuries pale in comparison to that certain high you get after successfully riding the board, that feeling of being stoked. I’m not really an excitable person, but beach and water activities (or even the lack thereof) often delight me.

And no, I did not wear these while learning how to skimboard. That would be difficult, not to mention ridiculous. I would topple down even before I get to the board. Lol. This is 1 of the 3 looks I wore in the Beach Bunny video Chad and I made. Please watch if you haven’t. 🙂

Making the sailor salute because I’m wearing a sailor top. Don’t judge. 😛

Sailor top from Ode to Her | ForMe shorts | The Little Things She Needs wedges

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Thanks for reading the first post from my Holga series! 🙂

Beach Bunny

If you’re following me on Twitter (or Facebook), you’ve probably known that I came to La Union with the boyfriend for a little vacation. Chad’s just arrived from Florida, while I’ve been dying to see the ocean for months. So this week’s the perfect time for travel.

Now below is a video we made during our 3-day stay in La Union. We called it a video lookbook as it shows three of my favorite, if not usual, looks. Chad only used a holga for this video and no manipulations were made, except cutting unnecessary scenes. We had so much fun making this so we hope you will enjoy watching it, too.

Beach Bunny (video lookbook) from chad verzosa on Vimeo.

I’ve prepared individual posts for each look and will share them in the coming days so watch out for them if you want to see photos and the list of brands I wore in this vid.

If it’s not too much, give us some love over at Facebook by liking our video and sharing it on your wall–just follow this link. Thank you so much! Bye bye <3

Real Beauty

Growing up from a humble family in Naga, I bore a lot of insecurities. I was stick thin, my skin was brown, and I always had to wear second-hand clothes from my cousins. The last birthday party I had was when I was six years old. It is quite normal for a child to be envious of her neighbors and playmates; I was, most especially during Christmas parties where most of my classmates get to wear new clothes, buy nice gifts, and bring delicious food. It hurt me and I clearly remember asking myself why I couldn’t experience the same thing. Later on, I developed low self-esteem (which still manifest from time to time). College was somewhat liberating, however. I got accepted at University as a scholar and in that school I had achieved recognitions that I only often dreamed about. I started to realize that life isn’t so bad at all. I may not wear expensive clothes and have porcelain, mestiza skin, but I have achieved things only select people can. By and by I started to feel more confident and secure about myself and began to realize looks are not really that important. What really matters is how you see yourself, and not how society wants you to be. It’s not an easy thing to do; I still struggle sometimes but it feels incredible once you stop caring about other people’s opinions. Wear whatever you want, eat whatever you desire (but remember to take everything in moderation).

This is perhaps the reason I’m so attached to Dove. For years, it has campaigned on celebrating real beauty by searching for real women from every corner of the world.Dove believes that beauty should be for everyone, because when you look and feel your best, you feel better about yourself.” Dove helped many women realize that we don’t have to look like supermodels and celebrities to be considered beautiful—we are all beautiful.

And to celebrate real beauty and inner glow, Dove organized a real beauty campaign in which every woman in the Philippines is eligible to join. I tried my luck on September 11 and was fortunate enough to be one of the 10 beautiful, second batch of Filipinas (which was announced just a few hours ago) who will appear in a billboard in Mandaluyong, Metro Manila. (YIPEE!!! That’s one check off my bucket list!)

I haven’t seen the billboard yet, but I will definitely take a photo and update this entry once I get to see it, or if you’re in the area please take a photo and tweet me @dafnyduck with the hashtag #DoveGlowingSkin (hehe).

Here’s a photo sent by Dove Philippines:

Thank you so much, Dove!!! 😀

You, too, have a chance to be one of the 200 Filipinas who will be featured in a Dove billboard. Go to Dove’s Facebook page for more details or follow them on Twitter!

I’m in a billboard trying to call… Wait, that’s not right, is it? 😛

Jack & Oliver

My post title sounds like a liquor name but it’s not haha. I mentioned before that I will include British culture in some of my posts, so here’s one that’s totally British (as if it isn’t too obvious).

Also commonly known as the Union Flag, the Union Jack is United Kingdom’s flag. Before it only represents the union of England (red cross, aka St. George’s cross) and Scotland (a saltire, aka St. Andrew’s cross); until recently (well, not really, but a few decades ago), music artists started using the Union Jack flag as part of their costume. One notable instance is Geri Halliwell’s uber popular Union Jack dress.

These are my favorite pair of suede brogues. Brogues originated from Scotland and Ireland. During the early 20th century, brogues were only used for outdoor walking, as they were not considered suitable for formal occasions then. That of course changed, and now you can see many people wearing them on both casual and business functions.

This hat actually isn’t mine. I borrowed it from my boyfriend, and I would often tell him this reminds me so much of Oliver Twist, which was written by English author Charles Dickens. Charles Dickens’s A Tale of Two Cities was one of the first novels I read when I was in elementary (although I didn’t quite understand it at the time), including Lewis Carroll’s Through the Looking-Glass. Methinks, however, that they were the reasons I fell in love with English literature.

For more information on the tidbits presented in this post, you can always check Wiki. Let’s make reading a habit. Ciao~ 🙂

Union Jack shirt from Ode to Her| Shorts from Clothes for the Goddess| Forever 21 suede brogues| Goorin Bros. commie hat| Liz Claiborne watch

Photos by Chad

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I love cats. They are the sweetest creatures from the animal kingdom, and are perhaps the most tamed. I’ve been a cat owner since I was a child as cats aren’t really that hard to maintain. They clean themselves and know where to poop.  However, when I had to leave my hometown to pursue a job in Manila, I had to leave my cat Miming behind. He’s old and was frequently gone to god-knows-where. I was saddened by the fact that I won’t be getting late-night surprise visits from Miming anymore. He’s my stress-reliever.

Fast forward to August 2012, my housemate found this poor kitten at the park, soaking wet. Being a cat lover as well, she brought this precious creature home and we adopted it and called it Kitty. Kitty can be very sweet, but most of the time playful and naughty. She likes to play with my hair, keys, cables, and walking feet. Whenever she sees one of those, Kitty gets very excited that her eyes would look so big. 

What I love most about her is that she’s very smart. It only took me one day to teach her how to use the makeshift potty Dodon, my other housemate, made for her. She learned really fast; the next day I didn’t have to direct her to the potty. And last week, she learned how to properly cover her poop. Yay! 😀

Polka dot dress from Dushbag| Forever 21 jacket and shoes

And she doesn’t even mind me cutting the tips of her nails, err, claws. So cute <3

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