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One Hyundai Club Life in Style: Registration Is Now Open!

Those who want to participate in the One Hyundai Club: Life in Style event, which I blabbed about here, can now register at!

Like their Facebook page here: to get updates regarding the event.


The date of the event should read January 14, 2012.


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One Hyundai Club: Life in Style Bloggers Lunch

Last Saturday, I was invited by Hyundai Asia Resources, Inc. (HARI), the third leading car distributor in the country, to attend their bloggers lunch at Hotel Celeste in Makati. At first, I was skeptical of attending because I couldn’t find any reason why an automobile company would invite a personal style blogger. As it turned out, HARI will be holding an awesome event for everyone! Click here to know more about the event.

Fourth person to arrive. HAHA!

With the other invited bloggers. Florals galore! I really had a fun time with these people. It’s always nice to meet other bloggers. 🙂

With and

Han of and I wore matching outfits that day–floral dress+blazer 🙂

Blazer from Bossini | Dress from Cocco | Nude heels from Mario d Boro

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I wanted to look simple so I decided not to pile on some accessories. I’m usually like this when I’m off to places I’ve never been to. I’d rather walk than take a cab, and lots of accessories only make me irritable especially when I couldn’t find the building I’m searching for. Hehe. I’m moody like that 😛


Thanks, Kraiganne and Precious of HARI for the photos! 🙂


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One Hyundai Club: Life in Style

Before I started working, I made a list of things I want to acquire in 10 years–a decent SLR and laptop, tons of shoes, piles of make up, my own a house and lot… you know, the typical ones. I also dream of having a car and I’m pretty sure you also have that somewhere in your list. I mean, who doesn’t want want a car?

But of course, we don’t want just a typical, easy-on-the-pocket set of wheels. A conscious buyer would always research first and weigh his options.

One of the fastest-growing automobile distributors here in the Philippines is Hyundai Asia Resources, Inc. (HARI). From the four dealers HARI started with in 2001, it has expanded its dealership network by appointing 32 more all over the country. To date, HARI has 36 dealers nationwide which help them reach out to more consumers and maintain the honor of being the third best automobile distributor in the country. After almost a decade of carving milestones, HARI launched its One Hyundai Club (OHC), an exclusive club specially established for Hyundai car owners, in December 2010. Next month, OHC is going to celebrate its first year anniversary, and in appreciation of the OHC members’ support, HARI invites all the OHC members, Hyundai automobile owners, and guests (READ: guests!) to a whole day of premium lifestyle experiences on January 14, 2012.

Dubbed as One Hyundai Club: Life in Style, the event will launch the One Hyundai Club Life in Style 2012 Journal, which will contain a preview of the 2012 activities and promos lined up for OHC members. Seeing the line up of activities HARI has in store made me excited for the loyal Hyundai owners (kahit hindi naman ako kasali. epal lang. haha.)!

In the event, guests will get to participate in various activities, such as wardrobe consultation for men and women, makeover session, skin consultation, fashion show, cooking demos, wall climbing, arcade games, and many more—all in one day! Aside from that, there will be hourly raffle draws and grand prizes for OHC club members! How awesome is that. HARI truly knows how to value their customers. 🙂

Admission is FREE but you have to register by logging in at When you’re registered, the OHC Life in Style team will send you a printable event pass.

However, the registration application in the OHC microsite is still in the works, so in the meantime, like their Facebook page here: to get updates regarding the event.


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America’s Next Top Model All-Star (Cycle 17) Bits

I have been a fan of America’s Next Top Model (ANTM) since it’s first cycle in 2003. And now that the show has reached its 17th cycle, it thought of bringing the hottest and most controversial contestants it had in the past cycles. I was really excited when I found out that my favorite Allison Harvard has returned. She truly stood out during the show’s 12th cycle. For those who aren’t watching ANTM, Allison is also known as Creepy Chan of Know Your Meme. She first became popular there primarily because of her humongous doe eyes and fascination with blood. Unfortunately, she lost to Teyona Anderson. Now that she’s back, I’m really hoping she’d win this time.

She registers really well in photos. Just look at these:

Last week, she received the first call out for her amazing (somewhat creepy) music video. In the episode, they were tasked to write a song and sing it themselves:

Her song was titled Underwater, which talked about her father’s recent passing.

In other news, Georgina Wilson, one of the Philippines’ most popular models, is set to appear on ANTM’s episode this week. According to her, she will “join as a guest model/stylist” for the show in Greece, wherein the remaining six contestants will be wearing Bench (you heard it right, as in Bench from the Philippines!) Body apparels.

Below are some photos (source):

L-R: Dubai-based Filipino designer Michael Cinco, America's Next Top Model coach Jay Manuel, Bench CEO Ben Chan, and Bench Architect Miguel Pastor

Michael Cinco, also a Filipino, seems to be a favorite of the show as ANTM already showcased his work during the previous cycle’s couture episode, which I blogged about here.

Model Georgina Wilson, Bench CEO Ben Chan, and stylist Noel Manapat

Enjoying Greece, eh?

Bench Bodyyy 🙂
Bench CEO Ben Chan with ANTM runway coach J. Alexander

Cannot wait to watch this week’s episode!

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I dozed off really early last night, at around 8, and woke up at 4 in the morning, which is a first this year. I couldn’t sleep since then so I just peered at my window and watched the stars disappear as the light crept in. There was something exciting but, at the same time, sullen about today. I’d be spending another fun semester at UP, but this has always been met by problems (which I wouldn’t share of course).

Anyhoo… shifting back to happy mode, which reminds me~ I HAD REAL BREAKFAST TODAY! Hihi. Since I woke up really early I thought of going to a nearby bakery and buy hot pan de sal. NOM NOM NOM. I paired it with  fried egg and steamy coffee, plus matching crows from the neighbor’s rooster pa. It reminded me so much of the quiet and simple life in the province… Ah Naga, we will see each other again. I promise.

I knew I would be enduring long lines at school today (well, that’s what UP is known for), so might as well pack some carbs.  It was already impossibly sizzling outside at around 7 in the morning, so I decided to wear this printed, boho-inspired, racer-back dress.  The cut on the chest part was too low for school that I had to wear a tank top over it.

Then I braided my hair to give it a more laid-back feel. Again, not all students get a seat while waiting, so it was just practical to wear sneakers. I used to be a ballet-flats-type-of-girl, but I murdered all the four pairs I own. I had to save for a few ones again, I guess. Hello, Christmas bonus?

To complete the boho-hobo look that I was going for, I used my gigantic stereo headphones that Chad, my boyfriend, gave me. You know how hobos like to go from one place to another and how bohemians have wide taste in music, that’s me. Or I’d like to think so. Travelling and wandering do lots of great things to the soul, although I have only done them when Chad returned to the Philippines. Music-wise, I only got introduced to the different genres through him (I didn’t even know that dubstep is a genre! Howkaaay, laugh all you want.). And I instantly liked the songs he made me listen to. So now I got mixed songs on my phone, ranging from pop to ska. Now I can proudly say that I know songs other than Katy Perry’s. Ha, take that. 😛

Dress from Freeway | Sneakers from Vans | Headphones from Samson

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