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Surf’s Up

A lot has happened and changed since last month–the way I dress and see things, my outlook in life in general. One day, while dressed in shirt and sneakers, a friend of mine wondered why my style has suddenly become different. I don’t know, maybe because life is much easier when you don’t worry about what you wear. My recent travels and experiences with Chad made me realize that there are other things more worthy of my attention. I have been very outspoken about my love for fashion. Don’t get me wrong, I still do love it, but I have to admit it’s not very practical and economical.  Yes, I feel very happy whenever I get a huge deal on my purchases, but I always end up wanting more. There is no fulfillment at all.

Chad said once that “true fulfillment is not measured by the superficiality of acquiring material possessions, but rather achieving a higher mental and spiritual state.” He always reminds me that there is nothing wrong with aspiring for material things but I should not forget that spiritual wealth is much more important. And I agree, because in the end, when we die, the only question we will be asking ourselves is if we have attained contentment.

Unfortunately, not everyone does. But luckily for me, I was able to experience it at least once–and that is when I was able to ride my first wave. The ocean never fails to fascinate me, however its waters are not always friendly. I can only swim where I can see the sea bed. My fear of drowning has prevented me to go deeper into the ocean and explore its beauty. Chad had been encouraging me to surf with him while he was still here in the Philippines, but I denied him of it every time. One, I did not know how to ride a surfboard and two, I was extremely afraid I’d drown. He and Jong, who taught Chad how to surf seven years ago, volunteered to teach me and assured me I wouldn’t. I trust these people, so I conceded.

I was scared out of my wits. So to calm me down, Jong oriented me about surfing, the do’s and dont’s, and the surfboard. Good thing Chad’s surfboard (the yellow one in the photos)  has a leash, so in case I get toppled by the wave I’d be able to locate the surfboard and use it as a life saver. HAHA.

When we arrived at San Jose, Daet (the best beach I’ve been to), the surfers were quite doleful upon seeing the waves. Not really fitting for a nice wave ride, but good enough for a beginner like me. We used Chad’s yellow shortboard, but I have terrible balancing skills so I kept falling off. Plus, I’m too heavy for it, so they made me use the longboard instead–without a leash D:

Testing my balance

So yes, as expected, a huge wave came and ate me like a tiny fish. What a way to learn surfing. It involved stingy rashes, scratches, a small reef cut, and a nose dive before I was able to ride my first wave.

But boy when I got a taste of it, I never wanted to stop. I was able to surf seven times; I was extremely stoked. That “ephemeral nirvana” Chad was telling me about whenever surfers ride waves was real!

After the experience, I guess I was never the same again. It felt so wonderful being taken by the waves ; it’s like they are leading you to somewhere beautiful and you want to know where it is. I’m not making sense, but that’s how I felt. My rashes and scratches were already killing me by the time I rode my second wave but I kept on going. I was too curious where the waves would direct me and what beauty it will show me next.

Ah, stoked.  <3

I can never thank Chad and Jong enough for teaching me. I hope I get to do crazy stunts on my second visit to the beach. HAHAHA. I’m kidding. That would never happen. I have to learn how to swim like a pro first.

Photos by Chad Verzosa

And oh, for those who are wondering, I’m a goofy. 🙂

I’m in Love with a Skater Boy

It’s been a while since I last posted an outfit entry on this blog. Oh how I missed it. I must confess, however, that I kind of struggled putting together this look. My only inspiration was my boyfriend who loves to wear beanies and the rest was just spontaneous. He gave me his brown beanie (yeah, the one I’m wearing in my Facebook profile picture), but we lost it when we went to Zambales for the Big Z surf competition, which I talked about here.

 Beanie from TriNoma | Tank top from PgUp | Rayon knit long skirt from Forever 21 

This is a pretty simple look, I know. But long hiatuses really take a toll on my creativity (if you can call that creative).

Peacock feather necklace from St. Francis Square | Accessories from thrift shops | Floral belt from Genevieve Gozum | Printed bag from Caty

Winged heart | Oriental |Serpent | Bell | Fish ring all from thrift shops

(Worn out HAHA) Platform heels from Tiffany

Hype this look on lookbook and chictopia! 🙂

Thanks to Don for taking my photos, again. Hee~

In other news, finally I was able to try Red Mango’s froyo! And I must say it’s very yummy and affordable. It tastes better though when mixed with fruits (especially blueberry plus the syrup). NOM NOM NOM.


Goodies for the Mind x The 32nd Manila International Book Fair

One of the perks of working in a publishing company is you get to attend book fairs. Yay! I’ve always loved books since grade school (thanks to my father) to the point that I plan to build a library in my own house someday. Don’t you just love the smell and feel of book leaves–some are worn out due to over-browsing, while some are crisp and clean. And there’s nothing more beautiful than organized shelves. Oh I sound so geeky.

Anyhoo, yesterday I went to The 32nd Manila International Book Fair held at the SMX, Mall of Asia in Pasay. All the country’s publishing companies participated and you can just imagine my excitement at the sight of on-sale books and magazines! The following are the stuff I got and bought. Just sharing:

I got Discovery Channel Magazine, Newsweek, and Reader’s Digest for free yo! And yes, that is The Scarlet Letter by Nathaniel Hawthorne. I have this affinity to classics so I figured it was high time to buy and catch up on my lit. And hey, I’m studying Anglo-American Literature so it’s pretty much justifiable. I don’t mind being nerdy at all though. 😛

One of the publishing companies I went straight to during the fair is dun dun dun — SUMMIT! There’s gotta be Preview magazines on sale. And lo and behold, meron! 😀 Right then and there, I grabbed three recent issues I missed buying at a very, very low price! *wide grin*~~

 Nope, that is not a book or book case (if there is such a thing :P). Sorry, I couldn’t resist this adorable floral pouch/purse from EGG (Exciting Gifts + Goodies) when I passed by their store at the main mall. I think I’m gonna go back, they have the cutest design. Some are quite pricey but we’ll see. I’ll let you guys know. 🙂

Well that’s it for tonight. Happy fiesta to Naga! Viva la Virgen!

MANGO F/W 2011 Fashion Show

Last night, I was invited by Connect Agencie to attend the MANGO Fall/Winter 2011 Fashion Show at Resorts World, Pasay City.

Prior to the event, I had apprehensions  about going. For one, Resorts World is miles away from Diliman. Second, I dunno how to get there. And lastly, I have no companion. I am yet to overcome my shyness in crowds (especially when surrounded by fashion people), so it’s a must that I bring one or few with me. Thankfully, Katt and Paolo were more than willing to accompany me to the event.  Thanks, guys! Hee~

Paolo, whose Eiffel tower bag amused everyone, and Katt, wearing a striped knit top from House of Cocco (have to say it. Haha)

The dress code for the event was luxe grunge. I didn’t know what luxe grunge is until two days ago. When I first read the invitation, I thought it was luke grunge and tried googling it and nothing came up. I tried deciphering the low-resolution invi and found out that it’s actually ‘luxe’ not ‘luke.’ Kalurkey. Haha. Below is the peg I used and my modified take on it:

Hello me! Sheer top from House of Cocco| Blue bandeau underneath| Cross necklace| Rayon knit skirt from Forever 21| Gladiator heels from Parisian

I didn’t wanna go all dark and too grungy so I decided to don a cream sheer top from House of Cocco  and gold wallet from Prada , and piled on some accessories:

Now on to the fashion show. It was hosted by model and make-up artist Bianca Valerio, whose hair and style we so loved that night:

MANGO launched their Fall/ Winter Collection for 2011, which was styled by the country’s best up-and-coming stylists — Myrr Lao To, Patrick Galang, Teej Nepomuceno, Bianca Santiago-Reinoso of Maven Magazine, and Anna Canlas of Preview Magazine. In no particular order, the following were the styles that I was able to take shots of. Pardon me for the heads peeking at the sides. 🙂

Bloggers at work 🙂

I especially adore this collection.

Animal print galore

One thing I realized from the show is that all you need to look trendy are basic pieces, such as shorts and a white top, and creativity. If you look closely at the collection, most of them can be found in any store but were given more attitude and character by creative styling. With this, I take my hat off to  all the personalities who styled the models for producing a really mind-blowing show.

Speaking of mind-blowing, I was finally able to meet Camille Co of Coexist whom I interviewed last summer. She’s really nice and sweet, and incredibly tall! I swear I looked like a hobbit. Ehe~

Aside from meeting and seeing my favorite fashion bloggers and media personalities, MANGO also gave away some goodies! Yay! Who does not want a free MANGO animal print pouch and Pond’s x Nivea items?? 😀

I am one happy blogger. Hee~

And of course, we cannot leave the venue without any remembrance, celebrity style. 😛

Congratulations Connect Agencie for organizing an awesommmmme show! Thank you for making my first fashion event coverage memorable. Until the next one! 🙂


How do you like my fresh-from-the-beach tan? 😀

Ocean Child

I grew up traveling to and fro Tinambac, a small town in Camarines Sur where my mom was born. I always made sure I visit the place at least once a week when I was in high school and college, despite it being relatively underdeveloped. I dunno, there’s just something about the place that draws me to it, or perhaps because it’s situated in a coastal area. The ocean has been my place of refuge–its beach is the only place in the world where I can just practically sit all day and never get bored; its waters calm and give me the peace of mind I lack when I’m in the city. Yes, maybe you can call me an ocean child.


Kawaii, the surfer dog, toying with my hand

We live in a world where acquisition of material things is a priority. I also used to spend lots of my time thinking how I can get this and that; I never felt contented with my life afterwards. Not feeling any contentment is very exhausting quite honestly. However, my latest travels helped me find my old self. I’m quite thankful my boyfriend loves the ocean and other simple things in life as much as I do, and I can’t be more grateful that he brought me to the beaches of Zambales and Daet.

With Ate Mocha, Daet's best wahine surfer

While we were in Zambales, it felt like as if a huge baggage was lifted off my back. I didn’t have to worry if I look ghastly or trendy. I never wore make-up throughout my stay; I traded my heels and ballet flats for sneakers, even if the former ones were the more appropriate or, shall I say, more fashown. When you’re in one with nature, everything seems and feels normal and beautiful.

With Jong. He taught Chad how to surf; now he's teaching me. 🙂

We arrived n Zambales in time for the Big Z surfing and skimboarding competition. It’s amazing how surfers are able to ride waves. Being able to float in water is pretty difficult (for me at least) already, but the participants in the competition were still able to do aerials and stunts.

Well, here’s a video of the Big Z event by Marvin Conanan if you weren’t able to come! Find me, Chad, and the rest of the Daet surf team! 🙂

Big Z – Surf, Skate and Skim from Astron on Vimeo.


All photos were taken by Chad (except the last one) using a Canon film camera. Visit his online journals to view his work (here and here)! He might not approve of me promoting his sites (hehe); I dunno if he’s being humble  or he’s just oblivious of how good he is. 😛 I always admired his photography skills even before we started dating (we’ve known each other for almost a decade <sorry, I just felt the need to say that. HOHOHO>). He prefers film cameras more than the digital ones and I perfectly understand why. Film cameras capture the natural beauty of things. Plus, he does not have to worry about corrupted memory cards. 🙂


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