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Florals + Stripes = Happiness

Hiiii! 😀

Spamming your screen with lots of florals and stripes. The top is actually a crop top. Bought this somewhere outside Divisoria Mall. I couldn’t resist the cuteness of the heart patch so I bought it. Who would like to guess how much this costs? 😛

 Boater hat and lace bag from Cocco

The maxi skirt is actually a maxi dress. I wanted a different top so I just folded it inward and fastened it with a handwoven belt to hold the dress and make it look like a real maxi skirt. Cool huh? 🙂

I was trying to make my hair look messy here. FAIL. :-/

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Clogs-like heels from Tiffany

See the rings? I’m selling rings like those in my online shop. Like Zeros and Fives on Facebook to view cutie patootie accessories on sale. 🙂

 Photos by Sam Lim.  Like his Facebook page and visit/follow his website to see his other works and learn photography tips.

Make up by Ana Patricia Mendoza. Like her Facebook page to see her other works.

Thanks to Haydee Suarez for editing the last two photos!

I would like to take this opportunity to thank everyone for the love and support before I am denied the chance. Recent events made me realize how precious life is, and how short it is to waste it on hatred and regret. I may have not gotten everything I wanted , wished, and prayed to God every night, little blessings still manage to find me and I am grateful for that. But somehow it also makes me sad not having to properly recognize those kind people who, in their own ways, lent their hands when I needed one. I hope I’m not too late. Thank you. 🙂

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Peace x Love

Ring Around the Rosy

I’m not the usual fashion blogger who has a room full of shoes, accessories, and designer dresses. In fact, and I think I have mentioned this before, I do not buy any top and accessories that are above Php 700 (or 500) and shoes above Php 2000. I believe that there are brands out there, although not as popular and publicized as the designers, that still provide quality items.

So yesterday, I and my friends took a trip to Manila to shop. I know, Trinoma and SM North were having these big sales yesterday but I know that their prices fail in comparison to Divisoria’s. So check out what I bought yesterday:

Bejeweled frog ring

 I’ve been obsessing about rings lately so I decided to buy LOTS.

Fishy fishy 😛
Winged heart
Weird-looking but that's how I like it 🙂
I call this the Slytherin ring, inspired by the recently concluded Harry Potter T.T
The Grim, inspired by Harry Potter again. I just can't believe the series is over!
This one's gold, not authentic of course. 🙂
Going oriental
Bejeweled crocodile :">

I bought all these items under Php 1000. How’s that! 😛 I thinking of putting these up for sale. Do you like and want them? If you do, I just finished putting up a Facebook page, Zeros and Fives, where I can post photos of saleable items. Please do visit and like the page HERE (even if you don’t wanna buy, that’s totally fine) 😀

The next photos are my first set of babies (rings, I mean). They’re really special so, uhm, they won’t be part of the items on sale. 🙂

From Quirky Finds

From Quirky Finds

 I hope you loved my first-ever accessories post!

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Xie Xie Day X Moonleaf Tea Shop

I couldn’t remember the first time I ever tasted milk tea. All I recall is I didn’t like it and swore that that drink will never touch my lips again. But recent events changed my mind. My friend-slash-officemate Gadybee was craving for cake and we couldn’t find a single store/shop in Maginhawa that sells one. The most possible would be the only tea shop (that I know)–Moonleaf Tea Shop. There was no cake, but the shop had cupcakes so it somehow sufficed. And of course since it’s a tea shop, the only beverage is tea and lots of teas (there was a juice drink though, if I remember correctly but I wasn’t in the mood for it). Gady insisted that we try their milk tea; I was a little skeptical, but I conceded. Anyway, it was her treat.  I used to despise milk teas (or any tea for that matter) because they make me feel nauseous if they are too sweet or full of dairy. Moonleaf’s was not (thank God), and I ended up yearning for it today.

Coincidentally, it was Moonleaf Tea Shop‘s Xie Xie Day! There were  lots of people plus Johnoy Danao. Coolio. As a sign of thanks to the shop’s loyal customers, loyalty cards were given to those who purchase a drink. I have mine! 🙂

One great thing about Moonleaf is their freedom wall, where customers can post and write anything they want, including announcements, photos, and messages. 🙂

I so wanted to write something but I didn’t have any pen nor paper. When my flatmates arrived, we just decided on a whim to buy milk teas. I was ecstatic; finally I can have my pearl milk tea!

With my friends-slash-flatmates-slash-officemates Gady and Katt waiting for our drinks

Katt and I. Our apologies for our untidy looks. This was unplanned! Hehe.

Moi with my pearl milk tea! Yay!

I call this my labandera look. I just finished washing my clothes and watching Sleepless in Seattle with Gady and Katt before going to Moonleaf. Hurhurhur :3

Took these photos using my Samsung phone.

Good night! x


I’d like to share my view today on photography and modeling professionalism. I know I’m not a member of any professional organization of both fields, but I think being a free person entitles me to my own opinion.

Photography is rapidly becoming a worldwide hobby, and so is modeling for these hobbyists or soon-to-be photographers. That’s good because photography is an art, above all else. The sad thing is many photographers and models are not fully aware of their responsibilities  as a photographer/subject and the value of professionalism. I am practically new in photography modeling, been doing it for exactly a year now, but I always try giving my best in every shoot. I bring extra outfits, pairs of shoes, makeup kit, accessories, flat iron, and other essential things, even if the organizer says that there is a designated HMUA (hair and makeup artist) and wardrobe stylist. So that in case the HMUA or the stylist doesn’t arrive, the show will still go on. I learned this from watching modeling shows, and this trait, according to the show, is what makes a professional model, aside from arriving on time of course (which I sometimes fail at, forgive me).

Hat from Cocco| Dress from Mint

Unfortunately, there are many photographers, pros and aspirants alike, are unprofessional. They take joy at taking pictures of others and yet when asked for the product, they fail to give you anything. Or sometimes they give two or three shots, and they vanish. It’s slightly discouraging, especially when the model has done her part of the deal. I believe that when you made a commitment, even if it’s an unpaid gig or the model is unpleasant, it is your job to make it happen regardless of how busy you are. That’s professionalism.

Pardon me if the words above are not the usual blythe and jolly me. I just felt the need of pointing it out because apparently, many have already forgotten the value of commitment and professionalism.  Traditionally, the photographer should give a copy of photos taken (inclusive of the raw and edited files) to the model, especially if the shoot is done on an ex-deal or TFCD/TFP basis, thru print, CD, or e-mail as soon as the photographer is done post-processing the photos. And by soon, I mean soon, not months, or years!

PRADA wallet| Multi-colored bracelet from Cocco|Floral ring from Quirky Finds| Vintage ring

I was finally able to use the Prada wallet I won from AVA! 😛

Now going back to happy me, these lovely photos were taken by Sam Lim, whom I met a couple of weeks ago. He is a photographer (obviously) for Hinge Inquirer Publications, a lifestyle magazine. Like his Facebook page and visit/follow his website to see his other works. If I were a client, I would highly recommend this dude. He knows his stuff and is very professional. 🙂

The biggest surprise of all was the MUA. Boy, was she uber young! Ana Patricia has been a makeup artist since she was 17. Imagine that! And she hasn’t had any professional training; she learned every thing from Youtube. Thank God for technology! Like her Facebook page to see her other works. 🙂

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Who Says Cosplay Is Just for Teens?

Last week, I was invited to a uniquely themed birthday party. I was told that it would be a kiddie party generally. I know, I know– it’s a bit unlikely that I covered a seven-year-old gal’s party, but hey, not every couple organizes a cosplay-inspired birthday party! For one, it’s very timely. Otaku–a Japanese term referring to people with interests in anime, manga, and video games– are rapidly becoming prominent today, hence the frequent cosplay events we see here and there. They have also greatly influenced the present fashion; the most popular of which is the lolita fashion, albeit inspired by Victorian clothing. Secondly, I was told there will be a fashion show of the guests in costume. As soon as I heard the word ‘fashion,’ I instantly agreed. HAHAHA.

The party was held at Celebrity Sports Club in Capitol Hills. The whole party was organized (costume and set design included) by a whole team of professional theater practitioners and students from the University of the Philippines. Just look at how they transformed the place and event, and you’ll know rightaway how skillful they are. 🙂

Meet Nina, the birthday girl, in her Tinker Bell costume. Happy 7th birthday! 🙂

The doting parents in their maid and butler costumes. Cuuute! 🙂

The decorations look nice, don’t you think? Aside from the tasty food served to the guests, they also got to enjoy the following:

NAIL ART!!! I so wanted one, but I was so busy roaming around. 😛

Face and body paint. This kid is brave! 🙂

Nina’s birthday had two fashion shows–one for the kids and another for the young-at-hearts. Check out their outfits:

Isn’t she adorable? It’s not obvious in the photo but she’s wearing violet gladiator flats.

If I remember it right, this girl won the best in poses award. 🙂

The kid from The Incredibles, which I haven’t watched yet. Haha

Ninjas from the Akatsuki group in the anime series Naruto 🙂 They won the best in costume award for the boys category.

The new dynamic duo–Batman and Harry. LOL. Batman won the best in poses (boys category) by the way. 🙂

And of course, the birthday girl closes the first show.

The most interesting thing about this birthday party is that the parents actively participated in the fashion show:

The sister as Eucliwood Hellscythe.

Nina as Zelda

Adorable 🙂

The host of the night and the head of the events organizing team

Thank you, guys, especially to Nina and her cool family,  for inviting me! 🙂

If you want to have a party as fun as this, you can contact these guys via Carlo Pagunaling at or at these numbers:

09055142244 or 09215723503

All photos were taken by Mayee Baquiran, also part of the events organizing team. Thanks, Mayee! 🙂


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