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Summer Girl

I just had the most stressful day of my life. Three days from now is the book launching of the hardest manuscript I ever handled, and we were only able to transmit the proofs for printing today. Oh, the joys of being an editor!

I’m a little relieved though that the printing office will start working on it as as early as tonight. I’m crossing my fingers that everything will work out fine. Maybe it’s time to avail that massage in New Manila, yes?

I’m glad the sky stopped pouring its heart out. Aside from my workload, this past week’s weather was so gloomy and irritating. Who wouldn’t feel that way when you’re living on the fourth floor but the flat is  flooded! Amazy crazy! Besides, I only like the rain when I’m about to sleep. 🙂 I’m a summer girl, you know. I’ve always loved the sun and the trends for that season, like there’s always a reason to smile and be happy, hence the photo below:

Trying on something Korean-inspired

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Photos taken by Nonoy Figueroa

Make up by Dhanica Bagasina

Buy this lovely dress at Cocco! Accessories are from Quirky Finds, boater hat from Penshoppe

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I’ll end this post by a song performed by my favorite actress, Leighton Meester. As I’ve said, ’cause I’m just a summer girl. 🙂

Leighton Meester – Summer girl


Bring Me to the Woods

It was about to rain when we took these photos in Tagaytay. I’ve been dying to wear corsets because they’re so Victorian and I happened to have fascination with British royalties, hence the course I’m taking at University of the Philippines-Diliman. Imagine my delight when I learned that I passed their admission exams for a master’s degree in English Studies: Anglo-American Literature! After six years of waiting, I am finally enrolled in my dream school. My dad so wanted to be an Isko as well (Isko/Iska, I learned, is a name for students enrolled in U.P.) but due to inevitable circumstances, he was forced to study in Ateneo de Naga (also my alma mater). Nevertheless, I can still say my college experience was not mediocre.

Photo by Nonoy Figueroa

The above photo was taken just by the side of the road. Nonoy had this wonderful idea of using only a chair and the nature as the props for the photo. The result is quite nice don’t you think?

Photo by Albert Tagle

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Make up by Dhanica Bagasina

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Hello, everyone! First of all, I’d like to thank those who joined my sixth-month anniversary blog giveaway. Before I announce the winner, I’ll post pictures of the selection process via 🙂

Step ONE. 62 names were randomized. Note that the multiple names you see are due to the additional points the participants availed themselves of.

Step TWO. The minimum and maximum number of participants (+additional points) were indicated in the randomizer.

Step THREE. The randomizer generated a number–13! So guess what…

Yay for Kristine! You won the gorgeous maxi dress from Cocco and cutie patootie accessories from Quirky Finds. E-mail me soon, dear!

A special thanks goes out to everyone else who joined and to my lovely sponsors. Always visit and follow this blog for more upcoming giveaways! <3

The Devil’s Shopping Advocate: A 6th Month Anniversary Giveaway!

June 6 marks the 6th month of my blog’s existence (6-6-6, hah!). Not to worry though, today I will be spreading just love! Ah, I can’t believe I’ve been actively blogging for six months already! This is the second thing (next to shooting) that I’ve started doing without actually getting bored. If not for my then new officemate Helen and her good friend Jehzeel, you would not be reading this entry nor would you know the URL Thank you, guys!

I’m also very grateful to those who stumble upon my blog and those who make it their daily reading habit. My ears flutter when people tell me they follow this site. It is such a humbling experience.

A lot has happened during the past six months. Through this blog, I got invited to events, such as Havaianas’ (I’m terribly sorry if I didn’t make it to the event), and met my wonderful sponsors, Cocco and Quirky Finds.

With all these wonderful blessings, I think it’s only fitting that I give back to the readers. So here goes:

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Rainbow Fun

The rainy month has arrived but it doesn’t mean we won’t have any more sunny days and beach adventures. And what could be the most perfect outfit for those but a colorful maxi dress!

Since I discovered here that maxi dresses are not just for the statuesque ones, I began to confidently pull them off (or I’d like to think so).

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Photo taken by Don Victorio using my not-so-trusty GE digital camera. Hehe.

Dress and boater hat from Cocco

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