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The Blogger Gets Prada

Last week, AVA, an online shopping site that sells designer brands at a discounted price, e-mailed me. To my complete surprise, I won their promo. I was in so much shock that my officemate literally saw me stunned and frozen on my seat. Then suddenly we started screeching like kids. HAHA. It didn’t really sink in until later in the afternoon. I mean, this is the very first time I have won something without really making means to get it. Now, I’m very thankful to my long list of contacts in my e-mail addresses, if not for you guys, I may have not won this:

Yes, I won the Prada wallet because of registering and inviting my friends to sign up to! Lucky me, I know. Haha. This wallet is made of Prada’s famous saffiano leather. According to my research, this gold one can cost up to $500, which is roughly Php 20, 000. Never in my whole life could I afford something as expensive as this one. You couldn’t even convince me to buy a Php 5000 pair of shoes!

I usually despise Mondays because I’m a lazy bee like that, but today was a Monday like no other. When Ria Aquino of AVA told me that I could get my prize today, I said yes without hesitation. Afterall, who am I to make Prada wait? Hurhur :3

When I arrived at Bulb Studios where the AVA team was conducting the photo shoot for their lookbook, I couldn’t believe the people I saw:

Litol Me with Philippine’s most sought-after model Ana Sideco

I’ve been following Ana Sideco’s blog since last year. She is a member of PMAP (Professional Models Association of the Philippines) and a model in New York. Gaaah she’s so tall! And she’s very nice as well. She recently launched her own shopping site, duHub Shop.


If you are a Candy girl like me, then you know Margaux Romero! She’s Candy magazine‘s associate editor and stylist. I’ve been dreaming to meet her since I started collecting Candy in college. I was told, however, that she’s not part of Candy anymore. That’s okay, she is still great. 🙂

Enough fan-girling. While they were shooting for the lookbook, I roamed around the studio and marveled at the dresses. Wish they were all mine! Haha. I can’t post behind-the-scenes photos yet though.

I was really aiming for the plastic bag. 😛


Here’s what the inside looks like:

AUTHENTICITY CARD: Knock-offs don’t have this. 🙂

Ah, I’ll definitely never forget this day. Thank you, AVA!

Do not forget to shop at AVA and duHub, guys! Like and follow AVA on Facebook and Twitter, too. 🙂

Michael Cinco for America’s Next Top Model

Another feat for the Philippines! In episode 8 of America’s Next Top Model Cycle 16, a Filipino designer was featured. Michael Cinco, who is currently based in Dubai, was a guest designer for ANTM last week. The models used his creations for the photo shoot:

Alexandria Everett

Alexandria received the first call out and precedently won the episode challenge. I’m beginning to like her, though I’m not sure if her nicey-nicey attitude is  a facade or not. But at least she’s keeping her promise to Tyra.

Hannah Jones

Hannah poses really good, high-fashion style. I’m in love with he dress. Yay to Michael Cinco!

Molly O'Connell

Molly is developing a nasty attitude lately and sad to say that it’s affecting her performance, especially in between photo shoots and challenges. However, when she’s in front of the camera, she always delivers. ‘Love the corset!

So those are my top 3 picks for the episode. Unfortunately, the sweetest girl of the bunch got eliminated, Jaclyn Poole, because she sometimes have trouble controlling her face especially her mouth.

Kudos to her for getting the best photo in episode 7 though!

Jaclyn Poole

***All photos from America’s Next Top Model Flickr

Wear Red, Wear Hope

More than a month ago, tragedy struck Japan. Millions of properties and thousands of lives were lost, and a multitude of people went and are still missing.

I feel guilty for being quiet about it. Frankly, I was really at loss for words regarding what happened and couldn’t figure out a thing on how to help. I know the delay is inexcusable, but I’d rather be late than never present.

Chictopia, an online fashion community similar to, has recently started a fund-raising campaign to help the victims of Japan tragedy–the Wear Red Wear Hope campaign. The campaign encourages Chictopians like me to wear and upload a photo wearing any outfit with a hint of red.

According to Chictopia:

The red circle on the Japanese flag represents what many Japanese children perceive to be the sun.  For us at Chictopia and many others in the wake of the recent crisis, it represents hope.

Every outfit post of Chictopia members wearing red will raise $1.

But if you’re not a member, you can still extend aid by donating through Red Cross here.

OR you can spread the news by sharing this post on your Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, Plurk or whatnot (via the buttons below), so that all Chictopians or interested donors will be informed of this cause. Let us all join hands in helping Japan.


Photo by Mark Tiu| Make up and hair styling by Em Rejano

Sheer, printed top from JACOB| Nude tube top| Denim shorts from Bench| Gladiator heels from Parisian

Hype the look on chictopia and lookbook.

SUMMER STYLE TIP: Sheer + prints are a good combo for your daily walks or hangouts with friends. 🙂



This week is the best week ever! First, I managed to get myself a clothing sponsor AND THEN  I was fortunate enough to interview Tricia Gosingtian and Camille Co. Wait for the post this week and the next on Galerie! 🙂

Photo by Edric Chen

Blue Crush: Trends to Try This Summer

When people mention ‘summer,’ what’s the first thing you picture? Beaches! They are like the mandatory places to go when the heat kicks in. So I thought, why not go for an all-blue outfit? Yeah, I know, people have been displaying their color blocking skillz lately, but I’d like to be different. That’s how weird I am. 🙂

Florals and denim are the two trends that never get old. They always provide this easy-breezy and relaxed vibe which makes them perfect for spring and summer. And I could not think of any style to go with  them other than Hippie.

I’ve been trying to perfect wearing head bands but they always end up slipping from my gigantic head.  Surprisingly, the one I wore yesterday fit just fine. Hurray! Thanks to Mark and Em, they also made sure my hair looked good, especially in the photos.

Hippie band from Vente| Denim and floral bangles from Seasons| Crop top from Areej| Floral shorts from thrift store| Necklace from aunt| Heels from Parisian

Hype this look on lookbook and chictopia.

I consider myself very kuripot, I don’t buy tops or skirts that cost more than Php 300. I believe you can still look trendy without shelling out lots of money and, at the same time, not sacrificing quality. Did I mention that I only spent a total of Php 335 for this whole look? There are really good stuff in Divisoria. Some of them I’ve seen in Trinoma and SM sold at a higher price. Divisoria is not really as scary as what many people told me; you just have to look simple so as not to catch much attention from people. Just imagine how many ensembles you can create with only Php 1, 000! 🙂


Photography by Mark Tiu

Make up and hair styling by Em Rejano

Wardrobe styling by yours truly


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