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Travel Diary: Lima, Peru (Day 2)

When people go to Peru, most of them hope to hike the Inca Trail or see Machu Picchu. Lima is just a pit stop. Just like the rest of the world's capitals, it's busy, dirty, and congested. And for foreigners, being alone in a crowded, unfamiliar city like Lima can be scary. But for me, it's what makes it more...

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Travel Diary: Lima, Peru (Day 1)

When people think of South America, drug cartels, violence, and guerrillas automatically come to mind. But those misconceptions do not even come close to the real South America. The continent may not be postcard perfect like Europe, but it is teeming with history, culture, and natural beauty - a true backpacker's paradise. For months, my hubby and I prepared for our first trip as...

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Finding Hygge

In the age of carefully curated posts and well-manicured social media feeds, the idea of perfection has become so ingrained in our modern culture that many of us live our lives chasing it. But what does it mean, really? Up until a year ago, I used to compare myself a lot with my fellow bloggers and influencers, wondering how and why they’re…

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Cruelty-Free Everyday Makeup Routine

If you’ve read my previous posts, you are probably aware of my decision to use natural and/or cruelty-free products as much as I can. I personally believe that no animal needs to suffer for the sake of beauty, and choosing cruelty-free products is the first step in ending animal testing. Clockwise: Earth & Eve 8-Hour Lip & Cheek Stain and…

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Cruelty-Free Beauty: Michael Todd Beauty Sonicblend Review

As a makeup noob, I’ve always had difficulty choosing the right makeup brushes – particularly, foundation brushes. I’ve seen several videos using different kinds of brushes – but who would buy a dozen different ones for applying foundation? I’d rather do it using my fingers, to be honest. But when I found out about Michael Todd Beauty, a cruelty-free beauty…

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